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Is it possible to do the ACCA exam without doing the course at a college or uni?

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Sasuke_Uchiha 07 Nov 2019


Is it possible to do the ACCA exams without registering for a course?

I mean I will learn F 1 or F2 by myself, then register only for the exam.


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gices 07 Nov 2019

Yep, you can self-study.

You can get the books and learn by yourself or you can do online courses which are cheaper than attending an ACCA education centre.

I have a friend who was working full time for Kemp Chatteris while learning ACCA. He didn't go to uni and decided to go down this route, getting work experience while studying. It took him 10 years to complete all the exams but now he's a tax partner at Deloitte.

Bear in mind this is a very challenging course and it will require a lot of commitment on your behalf if you're doing this privately.

Good luck!

sarah_7 08 Nov 2019

and you'll get access to many acca books at minucipal libraries

Sasuke_Uchiha 24 Nov 2019

thanks, but where will I go to do the ACCA exams and how much will i be paying?