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1296 members 1820 topics 5966 posts, a product of Bharat Telecom finally launches fibre optic internet in Mauritius. Who's signing up?

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gices 01 Oct 2012

For those who've been awaiting the cheap broadband internet service in Mauritius from Bharat Telecom, there's good news as the service has now been launched today, 1st October 2012. There's a limited and an unlimited plan which is basically just a cap on the bandwidth that you get.

package prices

Website :

Note : Seems like it's available for people in Quatre-Bornes only at the moment! You can put down your name if you live in another region and they will contact you as soon as it becomes available.

Anyone signing up for this? What are your thoughts?



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Peaches 01 Oct 2012

Well I won't be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon because it has only just launched and like you know there are bound to be some issues. I'll wait a few more months and then check back, if the feedback is good then why not, the packages are affordable plus I am fed up with the lack of programmes on TV so eagerly waiting info on that too.

gices 01 Oct 2012

Yep, let's just hope the feedback from the bee users is good :)

anonymous_4 01 Sep 2013

Bad service ..... Not good at all

LeGamer 26 Oct 2013

Really... do you have statistics? Did you do intensive tests to prove what you say? I would be interested to know why do you think the service is bad... instead of baseless comments.

On my part, I did an unbiased / neutral review.

Indeed there are the good parts and bad part about Bees from Bharat Telecom but the most important thing is that it was indeed superior to the MyT ( ADSL ) that I used for 6 years.

When you think about the number of years Orange / Mauritius Telecom was milking our money with a service not worth of what we paid for, then you should be happy that a competitor came here to shake things up.

Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

Hmmmm the offers are interesting... The Performance seems nice because I download lots of large files(and the budget at home is limited)... :p
Now I just need info about the TV channels...

Many people will sign up for Bharat... Mauritius Telecom should be afraid, very afraid.. :D

gices 01 Oct 2012

Unlimited bandwidth is the way to go :)

Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

yes but for people with strictly low budget/income and who want to enjoy internet facilities(for themselves or for their children), the starter and upgrade are good...given that the said children don't go on some "sites" to download movies... :p

Khush_Mendossa 01 Oct 2012

Waiting for it in my home town.
Premium seems nice for me.

gices 01 Oct 2012

Get in the queue, I'm before you, lol

moricien 01 Oct 2012

Lets wait and see how it works. Many people gonna sign up for this. WE'll have their feedback, and from their feedback we can deduce the QoS BT is offering.

gices 01 Oct 2012

It can't be worse than Mauritius Telecom/Orange now, can it?

moricien 01 Oct 2012

For sure, it gonna be better than MT, by the way MT is on the way of launching fiber optic soon..

gices 01 Oct 2012

Is that going to be through the electricity cable like BT?

moricien 02 Oct 2012

I didn't get much info on it. But when I'll the info, I'll surely post it here :)

sphinx 01 Oct 2012

That's a start and although the price of the package is quite attractive, I think the bandwidth limit is a problem. When you have a slow internet connection, you tend to spend less time online because of the rather frustrating experience but with faster speeds, you'll be more tempted to browse more, so you'll easily eat up all your bandwidth. The average user consumes 4Gb in a month and that's with limited YouTube access and no large file downloading.

The company says that if you reach your bandwidth limit, you'll get dropped to 64Kbps from 2Mbps - that's like dial up internet speed!

If you want the unlimited bandwidth package, then you have to fork out Rs1219 which I suppose is a bit cheaper than MyT (Rs1499).

I suppose though that this gives us customers more choice and hopefully better internet service (more reliable?) and that's going to increase competition amongst IPS and bring broadband prices down.

gices 01 Oct 2012

If other ISPs don't cut down the costs of their internet packages, Bees/Bharat Telecom will get all their customers for sure.

ziya 01 Oct 2012

I dont think that I would sign for this as it might not be available for where I live and there are many network problems where I live so I dont think this might work for me.But the packages are good and affordable price.

gices 01 Oct 2012

Although they are only providing the service in the Quatre-Bornes area at the moment, they will cover the whole island soon. So hang in there and within no time, the good news will come knocking on your doors.

Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

Why do you think that it might not be available for where you live?

ziya 01 Oct 2012

Its written above that its available at quatre-bornes only

Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

Before that they said that it would be launched at quatre-bornes first then would cover other places...

gices 01 Oct 2012

@Iron_Man : I called them and they said only part of Q-Bornes is covered at the moment but they will soon extend the service to other regions.

Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

hmmm yeah we must hope that the services are better than my.T ;)