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Bharat Telecom 2Mbs internet package for Rs280 to Mauritians

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Bharat Telecom Ltd (BTL) is the newest ISP in Mauritius which will provide internet connection at 2Mbs along with 40 TV channels for only Rs280 per month. That’s not all the good news because you don’t even need to have a telephone line in your house to access their services; all you need is your electricity line!

So far, Mauritius Telecom (MT) was the only ISP to provide a reliable internet connection but because of lack of competition, they were getting away charging huge fees for their services. Anyway before you could be browsing the net, you would need a phone line first and to get one, you would need to pay Rs2000 + VAT on top of a refundable Rs1000 deposit. You are also required to pay a monthly rental charge of Rs90 + VAT whether or not you make any calls. Once this has been settled, you would then need to pay for broadband installation to get your internet package and that’s another Rs2000 + VAT. The 2Mbs internet package costs Rs1500 per month and they’re going to charge you one month in advance as well. So that’s a total of Rs7300 that I had to fork out in January 2012 just to surf at a decent speed at home.

With Bharat Telecom (BT), you will get the same 2Mbs internet connection for Rs280 + VAT and 40 TV channels as well. MyT only give you 30 channels and most of them are a waste of time to be honest. I know many people who’ve never even looked at those channels despite having them for months/years because they are crap. Pricewise this looks very tempting because it nearly 5 times less than what you would pay for MyT but there’s another reason why Bharat Telecom might be a better service for internet after all; their services will be provided by fibre optic cables rather than the copper telephone line. This means that they will be more reliable and capable of bigger bandwidth.

Main differences between the two packages

			Mauritius Telecom	Bharat Telecom
Phone line installation	Rs2000 + VAT (one off)	N/A
Phone line rental	Rs90 + VAT (monthly)	N/A
Internet installation	Rs2000 + VAT (one off)	Unknown
2 Mbs internet package	Rs1500			Rs280 + VAT = Rs329
TV Channels		30			40
Transport		Telephone copper line	Fibre optic cable
Bandwidth restriction	None			Unknown

As you can see, BT is the clear winner. However, they have not yet released whether there will be any installation costs and how much they will be. The proposed TV channels are:

TFI, Le Groupe France Télévision, Le Groupe M6, TV5, Star Plus, Star Gold, Z Cinema, Z TV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Universal Channel, Warner Bros TV, ESPN et ESPN Classic

For those you have recently joined MyT like myself, unfortunately we will have to stay with them until our 1 year contract finishes but chances are that they will have to cut down their tariffs otherwise they will lose a lot of their previous customers.

If you’ll be switching to Bharat Telecom too, let us know in the comments who your current ISP is and how long you’ve been with them.

gices Published 14 May 2012


yanally 05 Nov 2015

Hello,the bharat telecom company has some bad reviews...but according to you,do you think its a good or bad company?

Abhishek_Seeboruth 05 Apr 2013

Do they have a 10 mbps package!!! And can I know its price !! thanks in advance !! :)

Visesh_Ramjheetun 10 Mar 2013

where is its shop found in mauritius

gices 10 Mar 2013

You need to call on 404 6400 to subscribe or for any queries. They don't have a shop as such but their corporate office is located in Ebene.

VidZi_Vidoushi 12 Jul 2012

Am gonna switch to bharat telecom...its more cheaper...n nowadays myT is becoming slow. the tv channels like star plus and discovering channels are tempting.

gices 13 Jul 2012

How long have you had MyT for?

Jeff_2 29 Jun 2012

When is the official release date? And where do I need to go to subscribe to bharat telecom???? thanks

gices 29 Jun 2012

Hi Jeff,

I've translated your comment from French to English because the article is set is English (we've got distinct sections for English, French and Creole on the website, please read the FAQ to familiarise yourself).

According to BT, they are looking into early July to offer their services to the public. They will convey more information when they are ready.

zia 27 Jun 2012

Bharat Telecom is not available in all regions in Mauritius.

sham 28 Jun 2012

As I said, it would be total disappointment should Bharat fail its agenda. I have the strange feeling that it will not fall through. Please keep me posted about same as appropriate.Thanks & Regards.

sham 25 Jun 2012

So much has been said about BT.
I heard rumours that they are NOT coming because of unfavourable lobbies and/or unfruitful negotiations at different levels.
So, it would be helpful to have precise info on that project.
Otherwise, it would be too good! Barat Telecoms would definitely represent the seventh heaven for consumers.

Sham Naarai

gices 26 Jun 2012

From what's been said on their facebook page, Bharat Telecom shall accept customers in the beginning of July. They are already trialing the services in Quatre-Bornes, so I think that area will get the fibre optic broadband first and the rest will follow.

sham 26 Jun 2012

With great expectations, it seems reasonable to wait. Blessings are definitely assured.

jasonbarnard 20 May 2012
I'm with Emtel. Expensive and unreliable. I don't have a land telephone line, so this looks ideal.
gices 26 Jun 2012

Yes, everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch. It's perfect as every house has an electricity point which makes it easier to get the services. Hopefully not to long for you to wait but depending on where you live, you could be waiting a while. Some places will get it first.

Iron_Man 19 May 2012
Well if Bharat is offering unlimited internet access, i'll switch to them. The TV channels are also tempting. The Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels are enough to convince me. ;)
Iron_Man 19 May 2012
Btw I have My.T since 2007!!
Khush_Mendossa 20 May 2012
Bandwidth restriction Unknown
Peaches 15 May 2012
I can't wait for this, I will definitely be switching over, the internet with MT is too slow!
Khush_Mendossa 15 May 2012
Do you think it will be good for small businesses? Or sole trader?