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Bharat Telecom offering 2Mbs Internet and 40 TV channels at Rs280 in Mauritius

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gices 17 Mar 2012

For those who've never heard of Bharat Telecom, it's a huge company in India which has partnered with Mauritius to offer its telecommunications services to us. The government has said a number of times that internet prices will decrease in the coming years and so far because Mauritius Telecom was the only reliable ISP, we all had to put up with the bad service for their MyT packages.

However that could all change now with the coming of this new player as we'll be able to get 40 IPTV channels and 2Mbs internet connection speed for just Rs280 per month. Compare that with Rs1500 for the 2Mbs MyT package and it looks like an 80% saving.

Is anyone considering to switch to Bharat Telecom?



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Invisible_Voice 24 Apr 2012
Just read an article on defimedia. Among the channels that will be available are:

TFI, le groupe France Télévision, le groupe M6, TV5, Star Plus, Star Gold, Z Cinema, Z TV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geogra­phic, Nat Geo Wild, Universal Channel, Warner Bros TV, ESPN et ESPN Classic.

But due to the exclusive rights of satellite channel providers for formula One (DSTV), Tour de France(France Télévision),Rugby (Canalsat& TF1) and football (Canalsat & TF1),BT will not be able to broadcast certain sports. So for this reason, Baljinder Sharma, the director of BT said the following:

" Le business des chaînes de télévision est très complexe. Nous essayons de donner un bon package mais il est impossible de promettre que nous aurons toutes les chaînes et les programmes prévus. Cependant, nous aurons une large gamme de choix."
Khush_Mendossa 24 Apr 2012
Seems good. Are you from B.T?
Invisible_Voice 24 Apr 2012
No, i have read this on
gices 26 Apr 2012
@Invisible_Voice : That's a nice find! I think the channels mentioned are pretty decent. You wouldn't know whether there will be any English movie channels now, would you?
Vinessen_Andy 22 Mar 2012
Is it possible to know which Tv Channells they propose?
Khush_Mendossa 22 Mar 2012
I contacted them about this issue. But no response so far. But we are all guessing that the channels will be surely those from India. I got a list of the channels:

ZEE News	India TV	  Star News		Star One	
DD National 	ZEE TV		  ZEE Marathi	        ETV Marathi	
Star Maza	SONY		  SET MAX		Star Plus	
Star Gold	ZEE Cinema	  JETIX NGC		ZEE 	
Premier	ZEE 	Clasic		  MAA TV		Disney
Cartoon Nw	DD Sports	  NDTV Img		TEN Sports	
ZEE Sports  	POGO		  Discovery		Aaj Tak		
HBO		Star Movies	  AXN			Sony Pix	
NDTV Profit	ZEE Studio	  NDTV			Music India	
NDTV India	SAB	          DD Sahyadri	        Channel-V
YO TV News	Colors		  Zee Action	        B4U Music	
ETC 		Enter 10	  M TV			ZEE Music	
DD News		SAAM Marathi      Samay			Satsang	
Zee Smile	Zee Business      DD India		ZEE 2SAAM	
Travel & Leav.	CNN	          NDTV Times	        ETV Telugu
ZEE Talkies	Aakash Bangla     Zee Jagran	        Zee Café	
Sahara MP       DD Gyan		  Jaya Plus		9XM	
Star world	DD Saptagiri      Star Utsav	        BIZ News	
Jaya Max	ZEE tarla	  2Ghante		ETV Oriya	
Amrita		Manoranjan	  GOD			Animax
Zee telugu	Sanskar		  ETV Tarla		Star Vijay	
IBN Lokmat	Nick		  ETV gujarati	        Play TV	
Zee Trends	TV9	          Mee Marathi	        ETV Kannada	
Jaya TV		Zee Kannada	  ETC Punjabi	        Fox history	
Animal Planet	Zee Punjabi	  Aastha		Loksabha
DD Karnataka	Surya		  Care World	        Brahmakumari	
Star Pravah	DD gujarati	  TV9 Gujrati	        WICE Edu	
Asianet	NE	DD Podhegai	

gices 22 Mar 2012
Nice list Khush.

They are most likely going to choose 40 among those 100 and so TV channels as they've already partnered with these networks. For Rs280 a month, I doubt they will have non-indian channels.
MikeSin 22 Mar 2012
If this is a sample of what will be offered then it is disappointing and resembles the MyT tv channels. We have enough Indian TV channels on offer in MRU what we need is something new. I would prefer paying for interactive tv channels, Hollywood films, French films, documentary channels.
gices 22 Mar 2012
True, but I think the real bargain here is the cheap broadband package. The TV channels is just icing on the cake.
Khush_Mendossa 17 Mar 2012
I'm definitely going to try this out.
gices 18 Mar 2012
What do you have at the moment?
Khush_Mendossa 20 Mar 2012
Gilbert_Beseguy 27 Apr 2012
Beware of upload/download limitations...In india they offer 2mbps connection with 1.5 Gb download limit @ about MRU 250....Is it stated somewhere in ther communique that the offer comprises unlimited usage and download???
gices 27 Apr 2012
@Gilbert_Beseguy : They have not specified this in their press release but we are all speculating a bandwidth limit. Btw welcome to Clever Dodo :)
vish13 23 Jul 2012

Do we have packages for unlimited internet connection at Bharat Telecom in Mauritius? If so then what are their prices??

Iron_Man 21 Apr 2012
Update: Bharat Telecom stated that the 40 TV channels will include french, english, bollywood, information and sports channels.
I've read that on Scope Magazine(18-24 April).

Now i'm pretty sure that Mauritius Telecom will stop extorting money from us poor Mauritians... ;)
Khush_Mendossa 22 Apr 2012
Thanks for the info. Are you from B.T?
Iron_Man 22 Apr 2012
You're welcome.
And no i'm just a college student. ;)
Annabelle_Murden 13 Apr 2012
yes I agree
gices 13 Apr 2012
What internet package do you have at the moment?
Babet_Ben 06 Apr 2012
where r you situated, and for the internet package u give 2Mbs did that mean that i can use internet night and day for 1 month and only for Rs 280 !
Khush_Mendossa 06 Apr 2012
Yes day and night! And dusk and dawn!
Orange price is just a rip off. But it's our only choice for the moment.
As Pinky_Rao ji said it's going to be way better with the coming of Bharat T.
Let's just hope there will be no bad surprises.
Pinky_Rao 03 Apr 2012
Being an Indian by nationality i know the service difference between MTy and BSNL.... there's really no comparison. we all will indeed enjoy the service once its here.... lets hope for the best. ALL CHANNELS UNDER ONE BANNER, which is not possible by any telecom provider in Mauritius
Khush_Mendossa 06 Apr 2012
Thanks for the true feedback :)
moricien 30 Mar 2012
Really very good, but I'm afraid of the verdict of the Price Hearing committee, about how much will be the unlimited package of BT.

Since one is limited of GB of downloads :(
Romeo_Pierre 23 Mar 2012
Hey let's pray it won't be like Nomad. I take nomad Saturday and monday i return them their modem.
Khush_Mendossa 24 Mar 2012
I don't think it's going to be like Nomad. Nomad covers 1/4 of Mauritius. Bharat's going to cover about 50,000 houses in its first phase. Then after testing it will invade all of us. By 2014, 60% of Mauritius will get 10MBps!
Seetaram_Kumar 22 Mar 2012
gices 22 Mar 2012
What internet package do you have at the moment?
HiRdesh_Ramjutun 20 Mar 2012
yes of course
HiRdesh_Ramjutun 20 Mar 2012
what are the 40channels????
gices 20 Mar 2012
This has not been revealed at the moment but as soon as I can any more info on this, I'll post an update.
gices 27 Apr 2012

Here's the list of channels we'll be getting :

Rikesh_Bolaram 29 Sep 2013

I think the 40 channels would be better than canalsat ....if not then go back to india

MikeSin 18 Mar 2012
This is interesting worth keeping an eye on the progress. I am waiting to see what reaction the other ISPs will have such as tariff cuts. At least someone on the island is proposing fibre optic cabling to homes. This might signal the start of a better infrastructure to meet future broadband services. As for the TV package, let's hope it is not a mirror image of MyT.
gices 19 Mar 2012
The proposed prices show how much MT is ripping us off. They've been able to get away with extortionate prices so far but that won't last long now.

I can't find any information on what TV packages Bharat Telecom will be offering to Mauritians. I think they will be a lot of indian channels out of those 40 though but let's hope they have some nice movie and documentary channels as well.
MikeSin 20 Mar 2012
Well, MT is reacting to the BTL offer, see the French article in l'Express of 20 March 2012, Baisse d'internet.
Let's wait and see if others like Emtel react. The competition war is just beginning.
MikeSin 20 Mar 2012
Disregard my above comment, my mistake, this is an old article from 2011 and not a recent reaction.
gices 20 Mar 2012
As soon as Bharat Telecom opens its services to the public, people will flock towards it and MT will surely have to rethink about their package prices.
Madeleine_Stella 17 Mar 2012
It's going to take another 2 months before they offer the above services to the Mauritian people. It looks good on paper but there must surely be a catch, otherwise all Mauritius Telecom subscribers are going to switch over to Bharat.

That's going to be fibre-optic, right? So do we need a regular telephone line?
gices 18 Mar 2012
The backbone is going to be fibre optic but Bharat Telecom is going to use electricity lines (leased from CEB) to deliver the internet services to each household. This will avoid unnecessary digging to place new cables according to the company.