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How to surf and phone via satellite ?

kookoli 04 Feb 2013

Very often my internet connection (Orange 4M) is very bad and I am not able to call to Europe over VoIP (Skype). But it is important for me to have always a good internet connection.

So I think perhaps it could be an idea to surf and phone via satellite. Do anyone have experience with satellite? Which company is specialized in the North?

Many thanks for your help.

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gices 04 Feb 2013

I am not aware of any Satellite Internet Access Provider in Mauritius and I would assume it is non-existent because it would be too expensive for the end user and there would not be much demand in a little country like ours.

However there are satellite links that connects the island to the internet backbone and that's usually for countries where we do not currently have those underwater fibre optic cables installed yet.

From what you're stated, you're paying for a business internet connection which costs no less than Rs8000 per month and if you're getting a bad service, then you should complain to Orange so that they can resolve the problem. It might be an interference problem in your area or damaged telephone lines, so get the technicians to come to your office to assess the problem. I believe they have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for businesses and I would emphasise on that as well if I were you.

sphinx 09 Feb 2013

Here are the companies which offer internet in Mauritius:

  • Mauritius Telecom / Orange
  • Emtel
  • Nomad
  • Bees (Bharat Telecom)
  • MTML

Most of them provide internet through the telephone line except bees which operates on fibre optic cables. So you cannot browse the internet through satellite.