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Mauritius telecom & intenet connection

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ziya 14 Oct 2012

Last year in august I gave an telephone application at Mauritius telecom so that I can apply for internet connection but still I did not received the phone.I am fed up with giving a complain there and when I asked them why I still have not received the phone they just say that they are working and we can't know when they are doing their or what their work is all about.Some people who did application after did already receive their telephone but I can't understand why they don't do the necessary work so that I can get the telephone.

Can anyone advice me what I can do about this or nothing can be done and I should just wait for them when they want to do the work on my application.


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Khush_Mendossa 14 Oct 2012

You applied for a telephone? Or a telephone line?

You know, the best solution in these circumstances, is to go at the main branch, with some people, and protest without physical violence but you must shout and insult them.

Why am I suggesting this? Because I've seen many people do this and get it immediately.

Last week, a group of people went to La Marie Filter Bed and made such a mess because they didn't receive water for a month and the CWA was obliged to put a new line.

Never be afraid where there is your rights.

ziya 14 Oct 2012

telephone line or I dont care what exactly to call it when I did not get it after so much time.Main branch you mean I should go to port louis?And I am so fed up in just keep going and complaining there that I dont even enter that office.You think that would work?

Khush_Mendossa 14 Oct 2012

Try my solution. Like a Mauritian proverb goes: "to bizin courbe to ledoit pou tire fenouss"...

Dynasty 16 Oct 2014

did you received your telephone service

avish 30 Oct 2012

As i know telecom outsource a lot of it's services to contractors like PKB

and they take their time to complete works given to them. That's a reason why your application took so long

gices 15 Oct 2012

I find it very strange that your telephone line was not installed after more than a year. I'm not a great fan of MT but when I made an application at the Telecom Tower in Port-Louis, they gave me a time frame within which they would call me to inform when they'll be putting up the line. It was not more than 2 weeks from what I remember and internet was installed a couple of days later.

I paid a deposit for the telephone line (Rs1,000) which is refundable when I would cancel the contract with them. I also received a receipt which contained a reference number for the telephone line application. Did you pay the deposit and received the receipt? If yes, then just go to your nearest MT branch to inquire what's happening with your application.

ziya 15 Oct 2012

I made the application at telecom flacq.I did not paid the deposit because they said that it can be paid after the has been fixed.Now that they have taken so much time do you want me to pay that deposit,then who will guarantee I can get the telephone line because people working in that branch seems to be not that sure about what is happening to my application.

gices 15 Oct 2012

If you did not pay the deposit, then that would explain why your application was never processed. You seemed to have been misinformed by the people working in that branch. Please go directly to MT tower in P-Louis and bring all necessary documents with you. I think you might need to make another application...

ziya 15 Oct 2012

But then why they never said that this is the reason why the application was not proceeded and why they were giving other reasons than this then?I must go to port louis itself?If I go to a nearby branch they would not do the work?And what about this existing application,what to do with this now?

gices 15 Oct 2012

I do not work for MT so I don't know what the problem is with your application. However, from my experience and what I've been told when I got my telephone line installed, a deposit was required before my application was processed. I can only tell as much as I know, for anything else, you'll have to talk to them directly.

moricien 14 Oct 2012

You don't have a telephone line and wish to apply for it? If after so much complained they didn't respond to your requests, then maybe they don't have the required equipment to install a telephone line at your place.

Your neighbours have telephone line?

ziya 15 Oct 2012

Yes they need to install something near where I live but they never install that equipment.My neighbours already have their telephone line but from a very long time they have it.