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Fayfe 26 Sep 2011
I am spending 4 weeks in Mauritius over Christmas and New Year. For the duration of my holiday I would like to set up a reliable internet connection. I will be renting an apartment which I dont think will have the internet set up but may have a phone line. What can you recommend? Ideally would like to be able to download and play games occasionally and mostly emails/browsing the rest of the time, tops 2-3 hours a day.


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sphinx 28 Sep 2011
Downloading & playing games online whilst on vacation? Seriously?

Anyway, the USB key is going to be your best bet. Otherwise you can use internet at a family or friend's house. Surely you must have some relative here, right?

There are some public WiFi hotspots as well but then again it will not in the comfort of your own apartment but if that saves you money, then it might be worth a shot!
yonne 28 Sep 2011
If you only need internet connection for email and simple browsing then you should probably get the USB key or go to areas where you can get wifi connection but the connection would not be great if you intend on downloading games and stuff, you would be better off using the internet connection in a cyber cafe for things more bulky then.
gices 26 Sep 2011

That's going to be tough. Most internet packages that you get on a fixed phone line require that you have a minimum contract of 12 months unless you go on the pay as you go option which gives you dial-up speeds (56kbs).

Your only option is to get a USB key with prepaid internet credit and that's going to cost you Rs2,999 and you get 1Gb worth of data. You're going to have to purchase additional data allowance depending on your needs as follows:

1GB - Rs499
3GB - Rs999
5Gb - Rs1299

That's with Mauritius Telecom -

Downloading and playing games online will eat your data allowance very quickly, so I'd advise against that and you're supposed to be making the most of your time in Mauritius (you'll be on holiday, right?) and not stay "home" in front of a computer.

You can find more information on internet facilities in Mauritius here :

Any questions, let me know :)

Fayfe 27 Sep 2011
Thank-you gices.

I will indeed be spending a lot of time relaxing aswell, 4 weeks is a long time! :)

Can I buy these USB keys easily in the shops?
gices 27 Sep 2011

@Fayfe : I've turned your answer into a comment to my answer as that's what it is. It would be nice if you could read the FAQ for Clever Dodo to understand how this website works. Here's the link :

You shouldn't have any problems buying this USB key as there are no contracts involved. As long as you have the money to pay for it, the shops will sell them to you happily :)