Error establishing a database connection. I'm getting this for mbc site. What's wrong?

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Khush_Mendossa 01 May 2012


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Khush_Mendossa 01 May 2012
What a lame service for a corporation :/

And we call this the cyber island.
gices 02 May 2012
Don't get me started, lol. The online version of famous newspapers as well are not any good either. website is too slow. It's a long list!
Khush_Mendossa 02 May 2012
I say you should go give them a lesson.
Peaches 03 May 2012
I use the site daily to check the TV Guide and let me tell you its always like this, its such a pain! Plus its not very accurate they give you a schedule but never stick to it, I can't count the number of times I have been waiting for a film to start that never does
gices 01 May 2012
Last time I checked (might be a couple of months ago), the MBC website was buggy. From what I remember, it runs on the wordpress platform, has not been updated for a long time and is not very user friendly. That might have changed now but I doubt it because I remember someone saying that MBC did not want to invest a lot in their website and they actually got that one made for free.

Coming back to your question, the error you're seeing just means that the server was not able to connect to the database. This could be because the database server (MySql most likely) was down or it could not cope with the traffic.