What's the most romantic place in Mauritius?

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Ranjeeta 08 May 2011

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Sagitarius 09 May 2011
Gris Gris is one of my favorite place , but I it like alone , all by myself. La Prairie , is where I would go with a girlfriend , others might prefer the Curepipe Botanical Gardens . I'm not a romantic , though .
Khush_Mendossa 25 May 2012
Surely in the arms of the person you love whether it's Mauritius or Hawaii! ^^
yonne 08 May 2011
In the North or West at sunset lol :D
gices 09 May 2011
That would depend from person to person. Someone might find sitting next to the person you love, holding hands and watching the sunset romantic while somebody else might think that going to Gris Gris watching the waves crush against the shore romantic. So it's kind of objective.

If you tell us more what you and your beloved like, then we could suggest something that you both are going to like.
Ranjeeta 09 May 2011
True it depends on the person. But thank you anyway.
Namrata_Ramdewon 07 Apr 2013

I love Caudan .
And point de vue .