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Is it compulsory to pay MBC TV Licence?

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Sweetum 07 Jun 2015

I want to know if it is compulsory to pay for MBC TV licence. The aerial at my place does not work since long.I want to stop paying for it because I am not using my tv anymore. I am getting MYT soon. Do I need MBC tv licence to watch mbc channels on MYT?

Thank you


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gices 11 Jun 2015

Everyone who possess a TV set in Mauritius has to pay the TV licence, irrespective of whether they watch MBC channels. This is defined in The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (Collection of Licence Fees) Act 1984.

The current fee is Rs150 per month collected through your Central Electricity Board (CEB) Bill.

Failure to pay your TV licence may result in :

  • a surcharge of 5% if unpaid within 20 days
  • having your TV seized and sold on if you are found to have an unlicensed TV at your premises
  • getting a penalty of between Rs500-1,000

So it is illegal not to have a licence if you have a TV at home :)