Young Talent Time on MBC?

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Peaches 02 Jun 2012

I have always been shocked at the people who take part on this show, especially the young girls and children that take part. Surely it should be illegal, do these people have no family, I think it is very inappropriate for television before 9pm as children can stay up and watch, I find it very unhealthy. Also on tonight's show there was a song that had swearing! Also what do these young people expect to gain by appearing? Mauritius is a very small island and there are not many opportunities for dancers/entertainers so why bother?


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gices 03 Jun 2012

It makes us wonder what kind of people are responsible for broadcasting such programmes. There's absolutely no censor at all. And yet, they find it strange that teenagers grow up so quickly and why there's an increase in juvenile delinquency in this country.

If you read the newspaper, sexual assaults happen daily. Yes, the bad people are to blame but if you can send your kids in skimpy clothes on TV, then surely you've got no morals and you're to be blamed when things go wrong.

Some people (parents) will go to any lengths to get some publicity.

moricien 03 Jun 2012

Which channel?

Peaches 03 Jun 2012


Khush_Mendossa 02 Jun 2012

I never watched this. What's it all about? Singing again? You have a link where there is the swearing?

Peaches 03 Jun 2012

Its a programme on young kids dancing supposedly showing off their 'talent'. The song that a young boy danced to had swearing not the boy itself but still, it should never have been aired. No link for the programme it was on MBC 1 yesterday evening.