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How To Create Google Account Without SMS Verification?

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Well that can be really annoying every-time Google asking for your mobile phone number to verify your account. Some will not like it because of privacy questions and others who don't have a cell-phone (under-developed countries). Google came with this idea to fight spam. If you're in business, only one e-mail account will not suffice and Google will not let you have more than 3 accounts if you gave them your phone number. Now there is a trick of how to register however many accounts you want with Google without using your phone number for verification and without deleting cookies or anything. You can do it with proxy or without proxy.

Let's start now.

  1. Go to, click on "Create an account"

  2. For first and last name I use to search names from movies or names of the actors, I combine them, I use a unique name that I believe is not used by anyone. If Google will detect that name in their database, they will require SMS verification. So go with a unique name, not the popular ones like John Doe or whatever. If you will use the same name on other account they will require SMS verification so stick with a unique one. Everything needs to be unique.

  3. For login name I use numbers and alphabets and is unique, I will not use that username again. You can prefer to use dot in your username as this should be what you want, but it should be unique. If you will create another username similar to that, again, they will detect and they will ask for SMS verification on both accounts.

  4. Password - I use a unique password for every account. If you will make a few accounts with the same password they will detect them and they will ask you for SMS verification, so try a unique password. I don't use number in passwords. And I don't use similar passwords.

  5. Security Question - Write your own question. Don't use it in other account.

  6. I don't use recovery email.

  7. The rest it is at your choice.

I think that at this part you understand that your whole profile must be unique. If you use the same name, password, similar username with other accounts they will always request SMS verification. Be unique and you will not even need a proxy.

Tips : For those who don't know, if you make a account you also get a address so you have 2 emails that you can use. Example: is one and is another!

Feel free to ask any questions.

moricien Published 07 Dec 2012