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Why does spanish songs always dominate the top end of music charts on mauritian radios but english language songs are more numerous?

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sarah_7 01 Nov 2019

I have noticed this pattern. Lot's of english songs but the top ones are always spanish. Lately korean songs have started to show up on the radio


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gices 15 Nov 2019

Maybe the spanish songs are more catchy, so they tend to stay number 1 for a very long time. English songs are pretty much the same, you can actually play most pop songs on just 4 chords.

Which spanish song are you referring to btw?

sarah_7 17 Nov 2019

Taki Taki. Shakira's songs, ect They tend to dominate the december charts on all radios. Actually I inderstand why people would love spanish songs but i don't understand the numerous english ones.