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Where can I buy a top of the range sewing machine?

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Peaches 19 Nov 2012

I am looking to get into sewing and want a sewing machine that does it all, the only place I can think of is Courts, where else may I be able to find one?


Nad 30 Nov 2012

Go for pfaff centers , I know they are in port louis and curepipe, they are the best .
I know my mom had one and later my wife bought one too and also they offer some free training , very useful and professional

Peaches 30 Nov 2012

I went there, didn't have what I was looking for unfortunately, they don't have much choice and they are very behind in keeping up with the new machines.

Nad 01 Dec 2012

Then you can try at singer center , it somewhere near Green cross at Royal Road Curepipe after Eau Coulee Police Station when going to curepipe

Khush_Mendossa 19 Nov 2012

I remember Pfaff center Rose-hill. They sell sewing machines and also give free course upon purchase.