Which MCB card for internet shopping?

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inneedofhelp 17 Sep 2013

I went to MCB, I want to do internet shopping. So bank told me I can't use my maestro card, then I applied for another account as they said. Now I have 2 accounts & it's confusing, because I don't know how to proceed! Plz help...



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gices 17 Sep 2013

I had the same problem because I thought you could use Maestro cards to buy things online but it seems in Mauritius it's not then case. I had to apply for a credit card with MCB; it's the primo card with a limit of Rs5,000.

I know it can be confusing having to use 2 cards when only 1 should suffice. The way I differentiate between the cards and know which one to use online is:

  • look for the words "Debit" on front of the card; as soon as I see this, I know it's not this one
  • the credit card is bluish whilst the maestro one is greenish

Hope that helps.

inneedofhelp 17 Sep 2013

Ya that helped a bit.
But you know, I have no idea at all how to do internet shopping.
So, can you like brief me a little about it!

gices 18 Sep 2013

You would recommend creating a Paypal Account first. This allows you to shop on a lot of websites without having to enter your bank card details, therefore it's safer.

Now online shopping carries risk, so try to buy from websites which already have a good reputation eg ebay, amazon. If you can't get the product you're after from these sites or you're getting a better deal elsewhere, make sure you check reviews about the company before you place an order.

inneedofhelp 18 Sep 2013

What about mcb secure instead of paypal?
The primo card has a limit of only 5000? Or can I have more than 5000 in the credit account?

gices 18 Sep 2013

Try to read about Paypal and you'll see it's more widely accepted. When buying something over your credit limit, you can transfer the difference onto your card. So if you were to buy something which is Rs6,000, you can transfer Rs1,000 to your credit card to make up for the total.

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inneedofhelp 18 Sep 2013

So can I transfer cash from my debit account onto my credit account?

gices 18 Sep 2013

Course you can. I've done that many times through MCB internet banking.

inneedofhelp 19 Sep 2013

Ok. So when I like buy a thing online, how will I receive my product? By post?

gices 20 Sep 2013

Most products are shipped by post but if you order something which is really heavy, the seller may use marine transport instead. Read on their website what shipping methods they use.

inneedofhelp 22 Sep 2013

I want to receive my product not by posting it to my house, but instead I want to go & collect it at the post-office. So in this case, what should I do?

gices 22 Sep 2013

Well if there's no one to deliver the parcel when the postman comes to your house, he will leave a card for you to go collect it at the post office. So you can hide in your house when he rings the bell :)

inneedofhelp 23 Sep 2013

lol. No, its just that I want to collect the parcel at the post office instead of having it delivered. I have lots of nosy family neighbours, who I don't wanna mess with. So do you know what I should do?
And I've been hearing this thing about customs, permit & stuff. I don't quite understand this concept! After buying online, do I have to pay the post office for delivering, or something else?

gices 23 Sep 2013

I've already suggested what you could do above if you don't want to take delivery at home. Regarding customs and all that, please have a look at this article on parcel collection as I've already explained the whole process there.

Zeroun 07 Feb 2014


Recently I got a CHIP Enabled Credit Card from MCB (MasterCard only). This is really a great step for further secure your credit card with a PIN. I strongly recommend it. Thumbs UP to MCB.


inneedofhelp 15 Feb 2014

So on using MCB, can U shop from most sites? I've heard that Paypal is better, but it is not sending the 4-digit code in my account. I'v tried many times and waited for about 4 months already! Or is there another option like Paypal for internet shopping?

inneedofhelp 24 Jan 2014

Hello, I have a problem with my Paypal account. Before using it, I have to get it verified, I know there will be $1.95 cut from my account and I will be given a 4-digit code. But I have been waiting for 4 months already and there has been no transaction from Paypal on my account. I have asked them for help, and they told me to send my ID copy and bank statement copy by e-mail for manual verification, but for that e-mail address, I'm getting a failure delivery status, because attachments cannot be sent to that e-mail address.
Now, I'm fed up with Paypal, they are not responding correctly to my problems also.
So does anybody have any solutions to the problem I'm facing? Maybe someone has gone through the same problem or someone who knows how to handle this problem. Please help asap

Muzzammil 13 Oct 2013

i am 18, i don't have a job so when i went to mcb once about a credit card, they said i need to have a job, so i skipped the fact and moved about smile prepaid cards

inneedofhelp 18 Oct 2013

But I have got it. I also don't have a job, but given that I already have my own account over at mcb, & have above 5000 rupees, my credit card application was approved!

Muzzammil 19 Oct 2013

what's your age?, i wonder if they care about a minimum age to give a credit card then, also how much interest do you pay on it?

gices 20 Oct 2013

@Muzzammmil : You would need to be at least 18 to enter in a legal contract with the bank, so I don't think they would give it to anyone younger.

Muzzammil 20 Oct 2013

i actually thought you must be 21 or something for getting a credit card since it deals with interest rate and nowerdays considering 18 years old not having a job, i kinda thought it goes above 21 or something anyway, i will try to apply for a card at mcb, i wonder if there are specific mcb's where they allow credit cards without a job, because, i take the example of an identity card, when i go to sbm pamplemousses and goodlands etc, they don't proceed my transaction if i don't bring my identity card whereas at plaine verte they carry out my transaction :D, so basically, i wonder if all branches staffs allows that

gices 21 Oct 2013

Yeh, it depends on the staff I suppose. They can make your life difficult if they want to. It would be good to know if you manage to get the MCB Primo Card without a job. Are you planning to go there this week?

inneedofhelp 21 Oct 2013

Go to the curepipe branch. I got mine there...

Muzzammil 22 Oct 2013

Thinking of
By the way

Notice to SBM smile users , SBM decided to charge its users 1 dollar for reloading fee, i don't know since when it applies but lately they started to charge one dollar as per the sbm staff

About the MCB card, Not actually this week but quite sooner i guess, Because, its a pain to go to SBM every single time you wish to purchase something