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Problem setting up Emtel Easy Transfer to send credit to another person

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sphinx 29 May 2012

I'm trying to set up the emtel easy transfer on my mobile but I can't get it to work. From what I understand, you need to send a sms with the following message to 8747:

reg password username

The password must be numbers only (4-6 digits long) and the usename can be anything you like.

However when I tried this, I got the message "You are already registered to Emtel Easy Transfer. Ref No..."

I've never registered to that service before, so I don't understand why it's telling me that I am. Anyone had similar problems before and possible solutions to this?


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gices 30 May 2012

A friend of mine was in the same situation. It seems that old mobile numbers are recycled and that's the root of the problem. I think that if sim cards are not active for a period of 6 months, they can be allocated to someone else. So your number might have been reused and the person who owned it before had already registered with Emtel Easy Transfer and that's why you cannot register as it's locked.

Customer services won't be able to do anything about it because they require the username to issue you a new password (which I assume you don't know). You will therefore have to go to an Emtel shop for them to reset it for you.

sphinx 07 Jun 2012

I called the customer service hotline and they told me to go into an Emtel shop to reset the password. Once this has been done, I asked them for my username but the person who served me in the shop told me they couldn't tell me the username as it was not shown on their system. The new PIN (password) for Emtel Easy Transfer was sent by SMS. So if I ever have any problem in the future, I would need to go back to an actual Emtel shop because calling customer services would be of no use since they require that you know the username which I don't know.

Btw I was told that most of the numbers in circulation are recycled and that's probably the reason why I couldn't register for the service - someone else who had the same number before already registered!

Iron_Man 29 May 2012

maybe someone registered for you without informing you to steal your credits.....seriously, one of my friends experienced it..
or maybe it's just a problem with the moricien suggested, call the customer care..

moricien 29 May 2012

Is the sim card newly bought? You can try sending a transfer on a number which you want, I'm sure enough this will work.

sphinx 29 May 2012

I've had the sim card for a couple of months now. I cannot credit another sim because I need a password to do that and since my sim already seems to be registered, I've got no clue what the password is.

moricien 29 May 2012

Hmm i see. The only solution for you is to call the customer care on 4989898, they'll help you out with resetting your password or give you a new password. :)