Issue with School Vans and security of transported kids

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Hello Clever Dodo!

I would like to know more about the local requirements to obtain a school van permit, and what are the regulations for the transportation of kids and their security in the van? In many cases kids are over packed in the van and 2 kids have to share one seat. Is this normal?

Any input will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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gices Level 6

This is what the Road Traffic Regulations 2002 says:

A 'contract van, which transports school children (pre-primary and primary) can accommodate three children on a bench normally scheduled for two adults and a child - regardless of age - on folding seats.

To obtain the school van permit is easy, all you really need is:

  1. The registration number and type of the vehicle to be used for transportation
  2. The hiring rates you want to charge
  3. A Certificate of Character

In school buses, there should really be 2 helpers/attendants besides the driver but that is rarely the case.

Note that many school vans are not registered and are illegally transporting kids, so if I were you, I would check that first.

Devora Level 1

Thanks gices, very helpful. However, I am surprised of the liberty of Road Traffic Regulations as to how a normal seat can be shared. First, children differ in age, height, weight + each kids has a personal belonging (school bag + lunch box). What about the safety and comfort of kids? Has anyone of the Road Traffic Authorities thought about this, or everything is business? It is true that I have never seen more than one helper in the van besides the driver.

And how come Road Traffic Authorities can't not control illegal school vans... again, what is this liberty...not to use more stronger word.

Now, I know the institution dealing with this kind of transport and definitely will send them an official inquiry, because there is nothing more important than the safety of all kids!

Thanks again for your response.


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