How to obtain CERTIFIED copy of National Identity Card, Birth Certificate and Education Certificate?

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Hello all.

As part of a registration process, I'm being asked to provide a CERTIFIED copy (Not plain photocopy) of the following:

Certified copy of National Identity Card
Certified copy of all qualifications
Certified copy of Birth Certificate

Anyone knows what's the procedure to get those?


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sphinx Level 2
If you show them the original when you hand over the photocopy, won't they accept it?
yonne Level 2
For the certificates, you have to go to the ministry of education in rose hill NPF building I believe and for the other documents, the civil status office in Port Louis.
gices Level 6
As far as I know, only the issuing body can certify a copy. So you will need to go to 3 different places to get your certified copies.

Go to the Social Security office and the registrar for births and deaths both located close to each other in Port-Louis.

For your qualifications, need to know where you got them from?
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