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How to obtain CERTIFIED copy of National Identity Card, Birth Certificate and Education Certificate?

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mcabhi 03 Jul 2011
Hello all.

As part of a registration process, I'm being asked to provide a CERTIFIED copy (Not plain photocopy) of the following:

Certified copy of National Identity Card
Certified copy of all qualifications
Certified copy of Birth Certificate

Anyone knows what's the procedure to get those?



sphinx 12 Aug 2011
If you show them the original when you hand over the photocopy, won't they accept it?
yonne 06 Jul 2011
For the certificates, you have to go to the ministry of education in rose hill NPF building I believe and for the other documents, the civil status office in Port Louis.
gices 03 Jul 2011
As far as I know, only the issuing body can certify a copy. So you will need to go to 3 different places to get your certified copies.

Go to the Social Security office and the registrar for births and deaths both located close to each other in Port-Louis.

For your qualifications, need to know where you got them from?