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Help!! Mauritius marriage certificate!

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dcec 17 Sep 2015


Hope someone can help I've tried every Google search known to man!

My husband and I both UK citizens got married in 2008 in beautiful Mauritius it was wonderful, but I have now got a major PROBLEM!

We need to get our marriage certificate apostilled in Mauritius due to a move to the Middle East ...
A. I have no idea how to do this or who to contact...
B. I am too scared to tell my husband I can't even find the marriage certificate and we may need to get a copy....

Any advice on where I could start with this dilemna??
Thanks so much if you took the time to read this xx

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MikeSin 17 Sep 2015

Application for Certificates from non-residents : Subject to providing proof of identity, persons residing abroad may apply for civil status certificates. To enable searches to be carried out, an indicative date and place of the marriage should be given on application.
Civil Status Office
7th Floor,
Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
Port Louis
Phone: (230) 201 1727
Fax: (230) 211 2420