How to obtain a Higher School Certificate privately in Mauritius?

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Dear readers,

I need to know the procedures in obtaining a Higher School Certificate in Mauritius.

Well, I just turned 19 and I hold a SC from Mauritius. When I was 17 I went to live in another country for some personal reason.

Now that I am back, I went to MES to ask about the fees for A' Level exams. They told me it would be better to hold a Higher School Certificate.

One can own a Higher School Certificate by attending school only. But I have other plans and therefore cannot attend school.

Do you think that there are schools which will accept my money and allow me to take the exams on their school?

Please help.




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Le-Sucre_Adam Level 1

Hi Janet, it all depends on which subject you Intend to do for the HSC. If the subjects you plan to take for the HSC do have some practical work, like chemistry/physics then a school is compulsory, but for other subjects I guess you can be a simple private candidate.

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natanaelmonty Level 1

but may i know why MES still argue that a HSC certificate is better than a GCE A level..some state that you can go on with your GCE while official bodies maintain that HSC is better..who to trust..pls help!!

gices Level 6

SC is equivalent to O Levels and HSC to A Levels.

So by getting the A Level certificate, you are effectively getting the Higher School Certificate.

You can do your A Levels privately and many people do that here. Refer to Khush's list for institutions where you'll be able to do that.

Check this link to get an idea of the fees for private candidates.

PS : There's no need to ask the same thing many times on different posts; only one question is enough and we generally answer quite fast.

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Khush_Mendossa Level 3

Try Ocep. OCEP (The Open College) Ocep Complex Boulevard Victoria (Near the south station or Lake point) Curepipe

MAURICIA INSTITUTE 1 La Hausse de la Louvière Street FLOREAL

Full Day School/Sumputh Secondary School (B & G) 7 A, Dr Roux Street, Rose Hill 467-2601 467-2601

Ocep The Open College (B & G) 3 Labourdonnais Street Port Louis 213-1159 213-1159

City College (B & G) 19, Dr Eugene Laurent St., Port Louis 208-2531 208-2531

Full Day School /Samputh Secondary School VI 44, Labourdonnais Street Port Louis 213-4953 674-2264 7560844 674-2264

Institute of Islamic & Secular Studies (B & G) 69,Cassis Road,Cassis, Port Louis 211-3167 208 3079 210-9453

St Patrick's College (B & G) T. D'Arifat Road, Curepipe 676-3380

Doha Secondary School (B & G) Giquel St., Engrais Cathan, Eau Coulee, Curepipe Road 696-2518

Check this also: Private Secondary Schools Association

By the way, with 2 'A' Levels you get entry to the university. You would be surprised to see how many people don't have H.S.C but only 'A' levels and have got a job.

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janet Level 1

Hey dear.. Thanks.. I will contact these schools. The problem is that I used to be in one of the best schools of the country. I heard that OCEP is a school with bad reputation. Won't employers find it weird?



Khush_Mendossa Level 3

May I know which school?

Employers won't find it weird until you have good results (A Level). I can't tarnish the image of OCEP. You must get in contact with some students there. Else there are plenty of other institutions :)

Last suggestion I have: take only private tuition and take your exams at MES when you are ready.

By the way, which subjects you plan to learn?

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Jeff_2 Level 1

go to mauricia institute!! its the best!!!

Port_Cur Level 1

Its good for you to continue learning and looking for a good college. I think that you got the wrong information about Ocep. Ocep has students who ranked among the best five candidates at HSC levels since 2004 on a continuous basis in a number of subjects such as Law, Travel & tourism. The college has also won a Number of National Sport Competitions and has produced graduates, doctors, barristers... we are simply proud to be a student of Ocep College

CloudbustO6901 Level 1

-Important: Do you need to attend school if one want to retry a 2nd time CIE HSC examination to obtain a better HSC certificate?

What I mean if it possible to obtain a HSC certificate privately on "Science Side" (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) without re-attending school a 2nd time if it is your (second time) taking the HSC examination?

  • Also is it possible to compete as a private candidate for HSC for just your "3" main subjects and to obtain a HSC certificate?

I wanted to know cause I heard/read somewhere that school is compulsory for subjects having practical sections in it like Physics, Chemistry... if you want to obtain a HSC certificate even on private. But they did not say if it was also compulsory for 2nd attend...

moricien Level 2

Hi Janet, it is not possible for you to obtain your HSC without being in a college. So you'll obligatory need a college for you to obtain your HSC.

Money will not really work here, as your presence is count in the college. This presence is then sent to the MES which then gives authority to the college to allow a student to sit for the HSC exam.

Hope this bit of info helps..

janet Level 1

Hey gices,

No dear, when one sits privately for the A Level exams, one gets a GCE certificate. It does not indicate "RESULT: PASS" as such.

Thanks for replying.

Take care...



janet Level 1

You think that colleges like Notre Dame or Loretto will allow me do that?


Khush_Mendossa Level 3

Unless your S.C results were super good I don't think they will allow you to do so.

And concerning the A Level thing, you take the same exams as the H.S.C students. I suggest that you do 3 A Levels (main) and 2 AS (Advanced Subsidiary). This way, you will get the same 'status' as a school student.

janet Level 1

Yes, my S.C results are good.

I will contact them tomorrow.

What about sitting for 4 A Levels?

Will I still get the HSC..?

Thanks dear.

Khush_Mendossa Level 3

No you won't.

You're welcome. Keep us informed.

dyaanush Level 1

hi l want to know if 3 main and 1 as wll b hsc or gce

bvl0k Level 1

Hi dyaanush! It doesn't depend on the number of papers you take, it depends on whether you are sitting for HSC or GCE. HSC students usually sit for 5 papers (3 mains, 2 subs) and they attend a recognised educational institution with 90% attendance. Private candidates who pay for the exam automatically receive a GCE certificate. HSC is only for school attendees.

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