Volunteer work in Mauritius or abroad.

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Kelly_Adrian 11 Nov 2013

Hey guys, I've been willing to start volunteer work either here or abroad. Anyone knows where to go for more info?? I wanna work for children esp. orphans. Preferably in Port-Louis or nearby area. Should I go and ask in Church??

Thanks in advance.


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gices 11 Nov 2013

You need to have undergone proper training before you're allowed to work with children as they are vulnerable. Anyway get in touch with SOS Children's Village as they're always looking for volunteers to help out.

Muzzammil 11 Nov 2013

If you are in love with animals, you may contact PAWS they always look for volunteers Paws website

Peaches 11 Nov 2013

I would definitely approach some local churches or childrens organisations here in Mauritius for local volunteering. For going abroad there are far more opportunities and dedicated websites it just depends on what country, you will most definitely need a Certificate of Morality though for volunteering abroad.