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Mauritius Telecom should compensate for their no internet connection problem, what do you think?

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sphinx 26 Jul 2011
Last Wednesday, many people and businesses were left without any connection to the internet because apparently MT experienced a server failure which brought down their whole network. Being the biggest ISP in Mauritius, you would think that MT will have contingency plans in place in case of network failures but no, it seems that the company thought they were immune to such problems.

Many people who rely on internet were let down and businesses could not carry on with their daily processes as a result of having no internet. This is not very good for the economy of Mauritius, which is now labelled as a Cyber Island and promoting fiercely its entry in the ICT industry. But surely they must be a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place to protect businesses against such catastrophic events so that their losses can be reimbursed as it was clearly the fault of MT to have overlook the health of its network.

Do you think MT should get away with this so easily?


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gices 31 Jul 2011
I'm surprised people have not put in complaints and take matters more seriously. Whinging about it is not going to make things better, so something should be done about it now, otherwise this event is going to reproduce itself.
Peaches 20 Sep 2011
They should definitely offer compensation as do other countries, you are paying for a service so they should be able to provide that no matter what. Its a shame that so many businesses that rely on the internet are losing money because of this, more people need to complain directly to the company for matters to change