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My father was born in Mauritius in 1933 and has lived in the UK since 1960. I was born in the UK in 1963 and would like to get a Mauritian passport. The High Commission in London have said that as I was born before 1974 I need to apply for Mauritian citizenship before I can apply for a passport. There was another lady at the HC who was in the same situation as me, born in the UK to a parent born in Mauritius. However, she was just able to get her passport without havng to get citizenship as she was born in 1978... Is this correct.

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you are a dual citizen. I don't think you need to apply for citizenship because your dad is mauritian so he passed his citizenship on you. Maybe apply for a mauritian ID and a passport. The difference between you and the lady is that you were born when Mauritius was still a british colony while she was born when the country had it's own constitution so maybe the High Comission is right in this case

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