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Do you know organisations, shelters, associations, movements, ONG, people and so on that need help?

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Khush_Mendossa 15 Jul 2013

By help I mean for a right cause.


Fleuriot_Flore 05 Aug 2013

This depends on the type of help you're after; the email address of Act Together is, you're going to get the addresses of all ONG

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Capricorn_Ladki 20 Jul 2013

There's Caritas, Safire, CEDEM and many other NGOs and associations in Mauritius. There are two night shelters for homeless people in Mauritius, which are operated by Caritas- one is at Port-Louis and the other one is at Quatre-Bornes but I don't know the exact location. There's an ashram for old people at Calebasses but I don't know the name. Also, you can type 'Make The Homeless Smile Mauritius' on facebook and join the group. They are a bunch of young people who looked for donations, and bought food and water for homeless people. There's also the group 'Anou Aide Nou Ban Zanfant Mauricien' on facebook who raise up funds for children who need to get operated abroad. However it soon lost momentum due to a lack of participation and genuine 'helpers.'