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Tik Tok in Mauritius seems to be for untalented people looking to become famous

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sphinx 15 Sep 2019

I've watched the top 10 most viewed tik tok clips on youtube and a few others, I wasn't impressed. They are mainly about teenagers doing lip syncing and throwing a few dance moves around or doing some other silly things.

Okay there may be some entertainment value in there but come on, anyone can do these things as no talent is required.

Am I missing the point here, is this the main purpose of the tik tok app? Or have I not come across any good clip yet?

Your thoughts?


sarah_7 13 Oct 2019

Yeah I started using it. I was using it because I wanted to see an artist from overseas but the home age kept showing me mauritian people. Personally I dislike this; I dislike the fact that the quality is low and only following the attension seeking trend. Too cringy. Sorry. I wish TikTok would remove the location option. If not for that artist I would have deleted the app

gices 16 Sep 2019

I've heard about Tik Tok but I don't personally use it. I suppose it's for the younger generation who want to share part of their lives with friends through short videos.

If we were to only allow people with talent on a platform, then we won't have many people to start off with and without a big community, the platform will not be a success. Secondly, it will be very boring if everyone was talented. Who will follow who?

It may not be for you but the popularity of this in Mauritius shows there's a demand for those types of videos. I guess they must be quite fun to watch after all.