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A senior citizen is defined as someone who has retired from the workplace but the actual age at which someone retires varies from country to country; in Mauritius it is taken to be 60 years old and above. Senior citizen can be used interchangeably with old age people or elderly; senior citizen is most commonly used as it is a form of respect to these people as in being above a certain age level in society. Legally, senior citizenship entails a number of benefits that are offered to the elderly as they reach that age like pension schemes, health benefits, activities and special benefits in the work place (if these people do not choose to retire; usually this is possible mostly in the private sector).

In the Mauritian population of some 1.2 million people, there are about 117,000 senior citizens. The government strives for the proper caring of these people as do private association as the elderly population of Mauritius has played an important role in the building of the present nation and so there are a lot of initiatives to help them have a happy retired life and age with dignity; in fact, this is an actual policy plan that the government has put forward to help them in this respect. Ageing of the population is a concept that is not embraced by a lot of countries and Mauritius is one of the first African countries to come up with such a plan for its senior citizens.

Under the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizen Welfare and Reform Institutions, the senior citizens’ council is the responsible body pertaining to matters of the elderly people. Established in 1985, the body is responsible for the well being of elderly citizens as well as help them in any way possible to lead a joyful life. Medical checkups with the offering of health related materials when needed, activities like conference organisation, excursions, helping in the promotion of associations, organising foreign exchanges with other senior citizens’ associations are some of the commitments of the body.

Poverty can be quite a scary concept and when the elderly reach a certain age and cannot work, they have to have some financial way to help them in life; the government of Mauritius proposes a number of financial aids as in the basic retirement pension (60-90 years – Rs 3,146; 90-100 years – Rs9,357 and above 100 years Rs 10, 621 as per January 2010); additional fees to those totally blind, those requiring constant care or are handicapped; a national pension scheme in the private sector and the national savings fund which offers a lump sum to a retiring person both in the public and private sectors.

Additional benefits offered to the senior citizens of Mauritius are day care centres to cater for their needs should they be alone at home; community support groups, members of which do home visits to elderly people and support them morally; offering a number of recreational activities to them; a centenarian club that provides all sorts of benefits to these people; facilities to get a house and free transport to the senior citizens so that they can move at their ease and distract themselves. Moreover, the Protection of the Elderly Persons Act makes provision for the protection of the elderly people in any way that they may need it as ill treatment, sickness, financial means, harassment etc.

gices Published 31 Jul 2012
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kabutops1 17 Aug 2016

Hi iam asking if somone with more than 70 percent hearing loss is he entitled to a handicap person pension or not. That person need to use hearing device to hear.

Where to go and talk about handicap pension in Mauritius? Do you have to prove you are deaf to get that pension? What does the government do for adult that is deaf and find it difficult to work in normal job?

Need more specialize school here in Mauritius because teachers does not know how to respond to the kid being deaf and cannot hear well the class it get frustrated much.

Yeah government need to help people with mental health problem and synthetic drug, need to have constant surveillance by the school headmaster doing check up regularly in school, we should not let this issue become too late before making a lot of victims we should act like responsible adults I know it seems too difficult to dealt with, need to put camera in the toilet can see what kids are doing.

Evolution is not bad okay but there are things that cannot be change easily like family talking to kids after school asking about his day and parent need to relearn how to talk to kids these days and put some restriction and discipline like our forefather did in the past, kids nowadays get everything freely and fast just by the clapping of a hand they get it , it is not bad because we all at a time wish our parents could give all we want yeah depend on the parents situation at that time. we use to remember when we had to economise cent by cent to buy your favourite magazine or toy, the happiness that lies on our face that day we buy the things we like is outstanding. Afterall evry one had things he or she likes to buy but having a hard time getting it without working for it.

Everybody wish he was born intelligent or less but we cannot decide how we were to be born, if it was possible but out of nature so no point.when you are different people treat you different it is something bad because people cannot understand what you feel they put an x mark on you it like the barcode in the supermarket bad idea.

If we want the world to be a better place we better learn how to not hurt others feelings we take too much for granted because this created a lot of havoc among ourselves.I know by nature it is bad to judge people because everybody judge others, we are causing more destruction and hates, only god judge.

When you are jobless you need to find something to do to keep yourself busy and afloat.what comes to my mind is reading manga and book on philosophy.I want to be love like others no chance for the moment looking for my half not found here, I wish there exist a special girl for me who can bring me the moon, I keep on dreaming.

Yeah need a lot to talk too, staying at home too long need to get busy dancing on my own, listening to America got talents, the voice finished a long time ago wish could participate love to sing a lot in my bathroom and toilet.

What happening outside of the world too much killing and torturing need more peace and love ni how kai lan

shabneezameerallyyah 24 Oct 2013
does a handicap pensioner get financial help from government for example a day carer to look after her in her house?