What measures should be taken to ensure Mauritian citizens have adequate water during the drought season?

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Madeleine_Stella 28 Mar 2012
From what I understand, we obtain water from 6 main reservoirs around the island and towards the end of the year (and beginning), drastic measures need to be taken by the CWA by cutting the water supply at different times of the day to ensure the population does not suffer from lack of water and to prevent waste.

It seems we have also 5 aquifers from which water is pumped out but each and every year, we have the same water problem.

What do you think should be done to tackle this problem?


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sanil 01 Mar 2015

people must accumulate rain water in a large recipient so that they can use it for later use
they can use it for washing cars , floors and windows etc .

gices 30 Mar 2012
On top of what Khush had said, I think it is important that the CWA invests money in getting water pipes repairs because there are many leaks around the country which result in a lot of precious water wastage.

More dams should be built as well because the government knows we have a water problem here, so it is logical that we should make provision to save as much water as possible when we are getting it in abundance.

There should also be more water awareness programmes - TV documentaries, newspaper and internet so that all the age groups are targeted. House wives who stay at home all day are more likely to watch TV during the day and if there was a "don't let water run unnecessarily when washing dishes" documentary was on, this would help educate them.
Khush_Mendossa 28 Mar 2012
I think the government should consider directing river waters to reservoirs or create more storage points. What is being done at Mare-aux-Vacoas, some water from Tamarind falls carried to MaV, should be done throughout the island.

There's a serious problem of water wastage here. Recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality appropriate for the use.

Recycled water is most commonly used for nonpotable (not for drinking) purposes, such as agriculture, landscape, public parks. Other nonpotable applications include cooling water for power plants, industrial process water for such facilities as toilet flushing, dust control, construction activities and concrete mixing.

Rainfall has just started to come on this 28th of March. I would advice people to listen to the authorities concerning the use of water obtained from the roof, i.e, using it for cleaning purposes.

Reminds me of the sticker I still have from primary school "Anou pran conte, nou dilo, li p fini!"