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If you were the Prime Minister, what changes would you make to make life easier for the citizens of Mauritius?

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gices 29 Aug 2014

This should be for the welfare of fellow Mauritians, not yourself ;)


Mauritius2014 30 Aug 2014

Unfortunately i dont know much about politics...but i think that we should elect a board consisting of young people, women and a representative of each religion and also a foreigner...

The actual government is good for those who is benefitting from it,and those who doesnt like the government are those who shout out loud that the country is corrupt.

Infact they dont mind about corruption,what they dont like is the fact that others are priviledge and not them.

To make life easier doesnt depend on the government but solely on the mauritians themselves...they have the choice...i think that we are self centered...with this mentality nothing will change...

gices 02 Sep 2014

I get your point, but if you had the power, what would you change to make a better Mauritius?

Mauritius2014 03 Sep 2014

my main focus would be on the youngsters... i would give the opportunity to youngsters to express them fully...perhaps change the limited educational system that we have...
i dont have a quick fix...i believe for a better Mauritius, we need better mauritians...we will achieve that in the long run through proper education...which will result in a better society...
as i told you before i dont know much about politics

But what i know is that action speaks lounder than words.We need more actions!