How does Mauritius compare with other countries in terms of the welfare of its citizens?

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In terms of race relations, crimes against women, homelessness, the treatment of children and the elderly, public safety and using a number of other measures

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gices Level 6

For public safety, it's not great. I blogged about this 7 years ago ranting about how the emergency 999 number is unreachable and a couple of months ago a friend of mine said it's still the same. He was driving a rented car and the bumper fell of and he was not very sure what to do but knew he had to do something because the bumper was lying in the middle of the road and that can cause an accident. So he dialled 999 (or 911) several times and did not get a response.

In the UK, any call to the emergency number has to be answered within 1 ring and if the caller hangs up, they'd call you back straight away to make you everything's okay.

I don't think we have racism in Mauritius, we grow up alongside people from different faiths and skin colour, we can truly say we are multi cultural. In England, if they see a coloured person, they'd call you a paki which for them is their way of telling you that you're not wanted here.

Healthcare is not great in Mauritius, that's why people will go to private clinics (those who can afford). For the rest, well they just have to put up with the system. The NHS (National Health Service) in the UK is far better than the governmental hospitals in dodoland.

sarah_7 Level 2

when I had my accident I called a 11? number giving them gps coordinates, road name ect. They asked which village I was. I wasn't a resident there. It took a lady who stopped her car to take the phone with me to tell them.

sarah_7 Level 2

in mauritius racism is more subtle. You don't get the promotion because you are not like them. You don't get big contracts because you aren't one of them. Your family refuse your spouse because she is different.

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