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reneseren 22 Feb 2014

I was born in Mauritius.I have lived in the UK since 1960 but now aged 75 I wish to return to retire in Mauritius.I have a British passport not a Mauritian passport.

Would I need to get Mauritian passport to retire in Mauritius? Would I be able to open a Bank acccount? What social benefits can I get e.g: health care, free bus pass etc? MERCI


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gices 22 Feb 2014

You don't need a Mauritian passport per se but you would need to get the National Identity Card which wouldn't be a problem considering the year you were born in Mauritius.

Once you've got the ID card, you would be able to open a bank a/c, buy land/house and do other things which only citizens of the country can do.

Health care is free and senior citizens get free public transport as well. You would also be entitled to a pension irrespective of whether you have contributed to NI and you would be able to join local communities for old people where they organise trips to the beach, short holidays abroad and other fun activities.

However, I wouldn't recommend you coming back. I relocated to Mauritius from the UK and after 2 years, I've come back to the UK because there are too many problems in the country. Although health care is free, the service is incomparable to the NHS. Most mauritians lack courtesy, are self-centered and ill-mannered. The country has changed so much and it's no longer the same.

I've documented a lot of my experiences on this site and you can find some of the things I thought were wrong here, here and here. My advice to you is to weigh the pros and cons well before you make such a drastic move.

reneseren 24 Feb 2014

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.Your advice is very much appreciated.I shall endeavour to weigh the pros and the cons before making my decision.
I am rather saddened to hear of the numerous "problems" which need to be addressed to make life pleasant in our paradise.However these should not be left to the next generation to solve.We all need to do our best to change society for the better and reclaim our "paradise".