How far is it possible for the society to provide equal opportunities for all the citizens?

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Manju 11 Feb 2012
- in the Mauritian context


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gices 11 Feb 2012
Everyone knows that corruption has a good grip in our society and that itself makes it impossible to have equal opportunities here.

Jobs in the government are seldom given on a merit basis and go into the hands of people who not necessarily have the right skills but have connections to acquire the posts.

Business licences can given to those who can buy their way, road traffic fines can be avoided sometimes by bribing the officer and there are lots of other examples.

The mentality is "if you can beat it, then join it". So I doubt very much that equal opportunities for everyone will ever become a reality.
legend 11 Feb 2012
"Jobs in the government are seldom given on a merit basis and go into the hands of people who not necessarily have the right skills but have connections to acquire the posts."

Don't you think this also happens regularly in the private sector?
Khush_Mendossa 19 Apr 2012
I think some people in the government itself are not fit for their posts lol!
BadFundodo 09 Jan 2016

Enforce the already existing legislations.(POCA, Good Governance and integrity reporting Bill/Badain Law, The 2008 equal opportunity act). Counter corruption. More severe sanctions. More transparency (specially when it deals with Job selection). Meritocracy.

Job selection in Mru from my experience is crooked and wrong...I wasn't given a job despite having more than the required qualifications (having passed the test and did a rather decent interview in my opinion). I'm quite certain others with lower qualifications were selected. Maybe I didn't belong to the right community. Perhaps I wasn't good looking enough. Such a biased system. Meritocracy is very likely dead and buried in Mru. This reality is really really discouraging. Monarchistic political system!!! Pfft

Khush_Mendossa 19 Apr 2012
How far? I would say in the Mauritian context it is nearly impossible. An exception would be if a job post requires a special qualification only, then the society would be unbiased about given equal opportunities for all citizens.

But society itself 'pushes it's own leader (can be deputy or minister)' in parliament so as to be benefited from all directions. Society itself is sometimes at fault.

If you had a business, do you think you would employ outsiders or people from your own family? Hmmm...
Peaches 01 Mar 2012
Not possible for Mauritius i'm afraid, unless corruption stops and the mentality of Mauritians change, there is a long way to go
Khush_Mendossa 19 Apr 2012
That is true.
sphinx 25 Feb 2012
To provide equal opportunities, the views of the people who lead the country need to change as they are the people who can make it happen. So your question is really how difficult is it to have politicians who really care about the country and the answer is - very difficult (in Mauritius).
legend 11 Feb 2012
The issue here is if we can remove any bias or arbitrariness from the society and make the recruitment or selection process a true and fair one. I personally think we have a long way to go before we are even close to achieving the above situation.

In our country there are many things to consider when discussing equal opportunities for all citizens; where is that person born, his/her upbringing, his family's background/"power", his/her "friendships", and most importantly how much money he/she has.

As gices mentioned above, corruption is the principal reason why many believe equal opportunities do not exist. We've all seen how the government jobs are "given" to political agents. We even had one member of the parliament acknowledging this fact. Even in the private sector there is corruption while recruiting; that is if they're even formally recruiting.