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How does the BTS ARMY in Mauritius feel about getting BTS nominated for the 'disques de l'année 2019'

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sarah_7 06 Dec 2019

The BTS ARMY has been involved in many things so far: Mass buying cinema tickets the past year during the Love yourself in seoul concert tour (Trianon) where around a thousand ARMY bought the tickets prompting the cimena Hall to add 5 additional screenings.

Bring the Soul the movie ( Trianon and Flacq) where more than 500 ARMY went

Buying 200+ albums to count on gaon chart

Buying the official merchandise.

Go viral on twitter for their beach cleaning campaigns

Keep BTS song Boy with Luv ft Halsey in the Radio one charts for two months

So BTS have been nominated for Make it right ft Lauv on Radio Plus and Boy with Luv ft Halsey on Radio One

What can we learn from the dedication of Mauritian ARMY?


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gices 13 Dec 2019

Okay, forgive my ignorance but I've never heard of BTS Army until now.

So they are a group of Korean K-Pop singers and BTS Army Mauritius is a fanbase for them, right?

Do the group in Mauritius sing at all or do they just exist to promote the Korean group?

You mention they mass bought cinema tickets, so were these given for free? All other things you said seems to be around making the K-Pop singers more popular except for their beach cleaning campaign. How many people were involved and how long did this last for (one session)?

I do not understand the purpose otherwise than to market an already popular group, so tell me what am I missing here?

sarah_7 15 Dec 2019

man you've never heard of the ARMY. They sold out whembley and Stade de France twice this year.. group in Mauritius they are fans. Some make covers some dance. many do fan arts, memes, '' do they just exist to promote the Korean group'' it's more about a family type of relationship within the fanbase. ''so were these given for free? ' no they bought with their own money. They negociated to have screening in Mauritius. They wanted to watch the movies. Many went to multiple screenings because the atmosphere was just too good and they made lot's of friends. '' How many people were involved and how long did this last for (one session)?'' more than 10 two events. They regularly organise events: some are events where they need and have fun others are more social. Yesterday's events had some 50 participants. They are working on more. ''I do not understand the purpose otherwise than to market an already popular group, so tell me what am I missing here?'' everything. They want the korean culture to be known here. They want to hear the music they like, the food they like, the clothes they like, the books they like, the movies they like in their own country. without having to travel overseas to experience this. They want to be able to meet each other and befriend themselves, their families. They have their own jokes. their own memes. The music that helps them when they are sad. They want to bring the love myself campaign in their country. BTS have a powerful message in their songs and they want the message to spread. Go getting BTS nominated means that they will finally hear their songs on traditional media like a radio not just on youtube or apple music.

gices 16 Dec 2019

Ah okay, I didn't know as I don't watch much of K-Pop music. I'll give that Make It Right song a listen to see what it's like. Thanks :)

sarah_7 17 Dec 2019

Do you have a favourite musical genre?BTS make latinpop music, trap, hip hop, edm, pop, ballad, ect ect. I'd generally recommend 'magic shop' and 'spring day' if you are into lyrics. 'Fire' if EDM. ' 'Mic Drop' if pop, 'Danger' if hip hop, 'Airplane pt2' if latin