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What do you think about the new 1 litre plastic coke bottle?

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gices 07 May 2012
The new 1 litre coke bottle is ideal because it's easier to finish than the 1.5L or 2.25L. Well unless, there's a party or you've got a lot of people coming over, you wouldn't want the bigger bottles because once you open them, you really need to drink all the coke, otherwise it will go to waste because it will lose its fizziness and tastes horrible.

However I found that the plastic bottle costs Rs30 whilst the 1L glass coke bottle costs Rs19 in the supermarket. That's Rs11 cheaper but you need to buy the glass bottle first (Rs12 for that) and bring your own bottle when you buy again.

So why aren't more people buying the glass coke bottle when there's so much money to save?


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Peaches 09 May 2012
I prefer glass bottles because its environmentally friendly. I am quite shocked that Mauritius hasn't introduced recycling yet, plastic bottles are unnecessary and cause damage to the environment. Also like it has been mentioned glass bottles are by far cheaper than plastic.

Then again I understand for convenience people will buy plastic, its lighter and disposable but still I urge people to ditch plastic and go for glass, do your bit and trying to save this planet from destruction!
moricien 09 May 2012
Well, I usually buy the glass one(be it Pepsi or Coca)...
I find the taste much better than the one in the plastic bottle..
Khush_Mendossa 08 May 2012
It is almost a tradition to have plastic coke bottle in Mauritius. When you go visit a family, you can see the only soft drink they will have is coke in plastic bottle. And you can't break a tradition so easily.

In short, it's a sign of pride and respect. (Respect because glass bottle stands for alcoholic drinks here, unless it is Pearona!)
moricien 09 May 2012
Respect? "glass bottle stands for alcoholic drinks here" you must be kiddin'!!

I don't find it as a sign of pride and respect!!
sphinx 08 May 2012
Not many places sell the 1L glass coke bottle. For example, the Winners supermarket is my area does not sell it. Some smaller local shops have it but then it's a hit and miss thing.

Supermarkets are probably boycotting the glass bottle by not stocking up on it to make more profits and it's a shame really.

But like Iron_Man said, it's such a pain to have to carry these glass bottles too because the plastic ones are lighter and you can dispose of them easily.
Iron_Man 07 May 2012
First: you wouldn't carry a 1L glass bottle with you everywhere. so the 1L plastic bottle fits perfectly in this case.

Second: glass bottle is not a trend in Mauritius. that's why plastic is dominant. people just buy plastic bottles like this and do not even think about how glass bottle prices are cheaper...
gices 07 May 2012
Trend is for those who can afford it. Many people here don't earn that much and it's sad to see them settle for convenience rather than try to save as much as they can.
Iron_Man 07 May 2012
This is Mauritius my friend. Everything is strange in this country... :p
moricien 09 May 2012
@ Iron_Man, I don't find this country strange :S but people don't really think much before buying something..