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In what way do you think students can help the Mauritian Society?

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RoseOfUniverse 25 Nov 2016

Well, we are undergraduate students and we want ideas of how we, as student (who does not work) can contribute to the society during our academic years. We want the public opinions.
Thank you in advance for your answers.



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gices 28 Nov 2016

If you get a few students together, you can help the environment by picking up rubbish from the beach/rivers or in your own neighbourhood. Land pollution has become a big problem and it affects wildlife - animals getting stuck in plastics etc

You can also visit centres for old people to talk to them as they tend to get lonely. Actually you'd do more listening than talking! They have a wealth of knowledge to share, their experience and their stories but just no one to share it with. You can play games with them (cards, dominoes, chess).

Helping kids from low Socio Economic Status is something else you can do. You can help them with learning or just be there to give them support as they come from dysfunctional families. Khairah has shared her experience of doing this, so have a read through when you have time.

To be honest, there are lots of things you can do without money. You just have to be ready to give away your time.

RoseOfUniverse 30 Nov 2016

Thank offered me many ideas, however, In my opinion, whatever khairah is doing is actually admirable but I don't think those children will use those bags. I would appreciate it if you elaborate on "lots of things".
My friends and I are currently thinking of doing a series of event in relations of how to diminish stress and to encourage people to have a more problem-solving mindset instead of dwelling on mistakes etc.. (and past pain). We can't make someone happy if they don't want to but we can guide them toward the step of happiness.

gices 07 Dec 2016

You seem to misunderstand the whole point of the post. It isn't about making something the children will be able to use, it's all about learning and support.

She taught them how to do crafts which will help develop their creativity - how to make something useful from old stuffs (turn old t-shirts into bags).

She spent time with them - remember the baking experience where they all gathered round a table. This is what support is all about - make the kids feel there is someone who cares for them, who is ready to give up their time to spend with them, doing something they would all enjoy.

Sometimes it's the little things we do that makes the difference :)

RoseOfUniverse 07 Dec 2016

I understand your point of view more clearly now.
I do agree that little things can make a difference.
Thank you. :)