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What do you think of corruption in Mauritius? Why do we have to bribe people in authority to get things done?

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aquarian 21 Sep 2011
What is the role of the government in this matter, shouldn't they protect the public who have voted for them?


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gices 22 Sep 2011
For a long time now corruption has been a major problem in Mauritius. I'd probably say it started shortly after we got independence and as the people who were in charge at that time tried to shape and build the country, it went wrong somewhere down the line. Some people saw it as an opportunity to get way ahead in life and now corruption is everywhere.

Corruption is so deep-rooted that if you try to eradicate it all, you'll certainly have to destroy all government organisations and some private ones as well. In Mauritius, it's a way of living. People are used to it and it's going to be difficult to change the mindset of people. It's worth noting that the level of corruption is so bad that if you try to voice out your concerns, you might put your life and your loved ones in danger, so just like the 3 wise monkeys, you need to "see evil, hear no evil and speak no evil".
yonne 21 Sep 2011
Corruption is a global phenomenon still it seems that the level of corruption in Mauritius is much wider than its actual size. I believe that the real problem of corruption in Mauritius is because of the number of different ethnic groups and each group wants to protect his own religious group; so it does not really matter whether you have the qualifications or have the ability to do something, if you come from the right ethnic group and know someone from this ethnic group in a higher position, you will be successful in whatever you intend on getting done.
As far as politicians go, they are after all politicians, once they are where they wanted to be, they forget the promises that they made. Period.
anonymous_4 27 Jul 2012

yeah you are absolutely right my friend this country is corrupt and for its population its really scary the cops there are really good for nothing corrupt nad thrs law only for poor if you have money to bribe them then ur done i dnt think the mentality of mauritian people will ever change well well because they always behind the mps for any work or any thingy

sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

I think it is very deep in our society and part of it is due to the mindset of the general population

sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

I think it is very deep in our society and part of it is due to the mindset of the general population

sphinx 26 Sep 2011
The government is responsible for corruption in Mauritius, so their role is to promote it and not stop it. Politicians are liars - they only need you to vote for them and once they are elected, they no longer know you nor do they remember what they promised. That's the world of politics.
sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

it's the population who vote for them so they are only the representatives of the population