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How can mauritians find work abroad?

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sphinx 09 Jul 2012

If you want to go and work in another country, is there any organisation in Mauritius that can help you with the procedures? Or do you need to rely on online job sites to find a suitable vacancy?



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gices 09 Jul 2012

The National Empowerment Foundation deals with something that's called Mauritius Circular Migration Database (MCMD) which is a register of people who would like to work in foreign countries. When you enrol on this programme, you may get the opportunity to work abroad on a temporary basis (2 years or so) if you're selected.

They work in partnership with the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) to supply workers willing to do jobs in other parts of the world. However the jobs that are usually advertised for are mainly manual/skilled work like butchers, mechanics, machinists.

Many people have chosen to go to Canada, France and Italy because they make much more money in those countries than here in Mauritius. For example, a service technician who earned Rs5500 here was able to get Rs120,000 in Canada. So you can imagine how much money they are able to save even if the work is for a short while only.

Website :

an-dyandy 02 Dec 2013


My name is Andy Algoo, age 26 and I am a news reporter in sports specially and journalisme interested in working in Canada, specially in Quebec if possible, in this type of Job that can suit my experience that i already have. Thank you very much for your attention..

Linda_Flick 04 Dec 2012


My age is 47 years and I am highly interested in working abroad in the Admnistration field or any field that can suit my job experience. Is there a chance for me to find a job in Europe?? Thank you

Sagitarius 18 Jul 2012

Minister Shakeel Mohamed's Facebook page Ad says Like the page if you are interested in getting a job in Canada...

gices 20 Jul 2012

Yep and the last time I checked there was 8000 likes. Only around 15 people will get the job. This is just a political scam.

Khush_Mendossa 09 Jul 2012

Counselor is the only pathway I know of. For instance, finding a job in Canada while being in Mauritius, I once went to see a center in Q.B (near KFC). They told me the scope I have. But you should have work experience. And manual labour dominates the Canadian labour market. You should attend functions in UOM's auditorium whenever there is immigration promotions.