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Need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?

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Hey guys I need some help, need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?


RoseOfUniverse 20 Dec 2016

I don't think MCB has a routing number. To transfer money locally, you need to go to the nearest MCB branch with the person name and account number or use their internet banking.
To transfer money internationally, you can use the swift transfer( and to receive money, you get your own IBAN number.)
Swift Code: MCBLMUMU

another query.i ordered a package from china and i was given this tracking number: 89040179143 and this website to track it: i read on the internet that the tracking number given to me is that of an unregistered mail and no tracking wont be further uploaded.please check on the website and tel me what you understand by what is written there

gices 20 Dec 2016

@kovilenvencatachellum since this is different from what your original question is about, can you ask that separately please? Ideally we want answers and comments to be on topic. Thanks.