How to get mcb credit card?

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gices zainkhedoo
pooni 27 Mar 2015

Hi, i created an eBay account and Paypal account. I thought I could use maestro. My dad lend me his MasterCard, i'm unable to link his card with Paypal account. I'm working, but don't have a payslip. So do you think i can apply for primo card. Any idea how i can use eBay for purchasing.

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zainkhedoo 30 Mar 2015

You'll better off using a prepaid(VISA) card. Just Load and Go...
for more info, go to

pooni 30 Mar 2015

Thank you..

gices 31 Mar 2015

I had the same problem before as my Maestro card would not work. When I called MCB, they said I need a different card which supports online purchase (although my Maestro card was VISA). Anyway I opted for their MCB PrimoCard which is a credit card but you can also go for prepaid options like:

  • SBM Smile Card
  • Bank One Prepaid Card

Have a read through the comments on this post for further information.

pooni 31 Mar 2015

Thank you