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Anyone had their Emtel / Orange mobile number deactivated and given to someone else?

gices 12 Oct 2013

I've got an Emtel SIM (prepaid) which I don't use that often and I tried to find out how long before my mobile is deactivated but couldn't find any info online. I know if you don't recharge the mobile network operators will recycle your number ie give it to someone else but they don't state on their website how long before you need to top up again to keep your number.

I've also come across an Orange Premium SIM which costs Rs1500 compared to Rs100 for the standard one but you get the number for life. Kind of ideal for those who travel back and forth to Mauritius and want a single number to use.

Anyway back to my original question, do you have to top up every 3 months to prevent losing your mobile number?

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Muzzammil 13 Oct 2013

I guess you need to top up before the expiry date to overcome that because the fact is that if you don't make use of the phone for a long time, the number is considered as dead so given to a new customer with a new sim card, sim card don't actually come with numbers, they take a simcard and assign a number on it based on the code of the sim card which is found at the back. so basically you need to recharge else you might lose it :(

gices 14 Oct 2013

I found the following information regarding top ups on Emtel's website:

Rs50 : valid for 50 days
Rs100 : valid for 100 days
Rs200 : valid for 120 days

So I guess you could use that as an indication when your SIM expires but they should have more guidelines as to when your SIM gets deactivated and your mobile number being passed on to somebody else, right?

Muzzammil 20 Oct 2013

yeah, but guess every company actually cares more about profits and in this case i guess, once you stop recharging, they get an opportunity to give someone else the number unless you care about recharging.

I would had rather loved if they inform you by other means that is by phone etc to recharge your account, or like banks with bank statements :P

gices 21 Oct 2013

Definitely would be nice if they make a better effort to inform you that you're about to lose your mobile number.

There is a time limit for anybody to recharge an account. After the said time limit, the company has the right to take the number back and sell it to another person.

gices 21 Oct 2013

So when you buy a SIM card for Rs100, you're actually just renting the number. However I'm more interested in knowing the time limit after which your number is recycled. Any guidance on this?

julianoolivier 17 Jan 2016

It's so cool