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What has been your administrative and financial struggles when linking your website to your Mauritian bank?

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sarah_7 04 Dec 2019

Also which plugins did you use and which payment options (eg: paypal ) did you install on your website


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gices 05 Dec 2019

I had use OpenCart before, open source software run on PHP and they had a payment plugin where you could easily configure Paypal/Skrill. At that time, you couldn't withdraw money from Paypal in Mauritius. So the customer I was making that site for, opted to have his bank details shown after someone ordered from their site for the users to transfer money into.

MCB/SBM and other local banks in Mauritius have their own payment gateway that you can use to receive money but there's a setup cost and the fees for handling the transactions are quite high.

There's also no off the shelf solution (plugin) for those local bank payment systems, so you will need to hire a developer to customise your software and implement this.

Now that you can withdraw money with Paypal through MCB Juice, you can use most ecommerce solutions as they all cater for payment with Paypal.

It's also worth noting that people are more likely to order through Paypal instead of directly entering their credit/debit card number on your site. For bigger sites like Amazon, people will generally be okay with putting their bank details in but smaller (and medium sized) sites have to offer a payment system which reassures the user.

I think Mauritians nowadays are more comfortable using Paypal than it was a few years ago...

sarah_7 11 Dec 2019

Thanks Gieces. I've installed open cart for now. I'm still having issues with my paypal (i can't withdraw to local prepaid bank card) and mcb wont do anything unless it's a problem with juice only. I'll see if I can do something with skrill.

gices 11 Dec 2019

Why are you using a prepaid bank card in the first place? I would have a normal (current) MCB bank account that's linked to Paypal if I was going to accept money through my website. So is there any reason for your choice?

On another note, I've noticed you like putting an extra "e" in my name and I'm beginning to think you enjoy the extra emphasis it has when you pronounce it this way :P

sarah_7 11 Dec 2019

yes. Both MCB and Paypal told me that you can withdraw only with prepaid card or juice so you can't use a current debit card. wait. I didn't notice the 'e'. Since when have I been doing this? :O