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Only 8 Euro 2012 football matches will be shown on MBC

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gices 18 May 2012
It seems that MBC will only show 8 matches for Euro 2012. That's not very good news for football fanatics who don't have subscription to Canal+ or Parabole Maurice.

So how are you going to watch the kick-offs? At your friends, family or through the internet?


Iron_Man 18 May 2012
Its not a problem for me because I don't like to watch football...hehe :D
I feel sad for you guys...
gices 19 May 2012
So you're not going to watch even the final?
Iron_Man 19 May 2012
yeah that's it...
Peaches 22 May 2012
Thank goodness, there's too much football on the TV anyway and way too many fanatics that drive me crazy! My neighbour is 70 and he screams at the TV when football is on, I'm like calm down its only a game ;)
Khush_Mendossa 21 May 2012
Surely on internet or with a family.
If I can't then I will probably play FIFA on my PS lol.