Kifer kan mo met MBC 1 lot TNT, mo gagne lamisik emplas chaine la?

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stephanedouard 19 Nov 2016

mo ban zenfan pa koner kinn touC lor remote.. kan mo met mbc 1 lor tnt b mo pa ggn son chaine la.. c la mizik ki zouer.. 1la zourné la mizik la zoué.. mo pa kav get linformation nanien.. kouma fr pou tir sa svp?? merci..


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RoseOfUniverse 19 Nov 2016

Kapav to bann zenfan finn klik lor bouton Radio/TV lor to remote. Re-klik sa bouton la lerla tou pou korek.

gices 21 Nov 2016

@RoseOfUniverse mo finn tradir to repons (anglais) en kreol parski kestion la finn poze en kreol, mo esperer to pa mind ^.^

RoseOfUniverse 21 Nov 2016

Oui, mo mind this! A LOT!... :P ('s ok)