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Survey on MBC website about TNT channels

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Peaches 23 May 2012

I went to check this evenings TV guide and found a survey they are conducting, I gave a few suggestions as I am fed up of programmes not running to schedule and the lack of films and English programmes. Whether or not they do anything about I have yet to find out, so if you would like to suggest anything or point out problems here's your chance.


MikeSin 30 May 2012

The MBC TNT channels are rubbish. They must be the champions of repeats as they keep recycling the same series and films over and over again on different channels. As for the rest if you are into Indian soap series in the various languages then you are ok. If not, then you might get the odd one in English or French but don't hold your breath. Most of my Mauritian friends advise me that they do not watch MBC but subscribe to Sat. TV.

Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2012
Well I took this survey. I suggested that they put more cartoons =D
moricien 24 May 2012
And I suggested the implementation of "real digital" channels!! xD