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I would like to change my name before I renew my passport. What are the procedures?

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Zu_Gz 12 Jun 2013

Hi I recently got married so I want to have my married name as my new surname but also I want to remove my middle name by making my current surname as my middle name.
Example: My current name is: Z K G
my married surname is: R
I want to become: Z G R

I currently lives in England. Can someone tell me how to do that. I searched on the internet but really there isnt much I found helpful. Thanks


Peaches 13 Jun 2013

Did you read this? You may need to go by deed poll as well.

Zu_Gz 13 Jun 2013

I thought that too but it turns out I cannot use deed poll to change my name. I called the embassy at London they said I have to do all that in Mauritius. and from what i have read so far it seems like it takes ages to do change of name in mauritius.

Peaches 14 Jun 2013

Ah, didn't realise you are a Mauritian. Yeah unfortunately everything takes ages to do in Mauritius, Good Luck

Zu_Gz 14 Jun 2013

True if only they would make things a bit easier in mauritius. Thanks anyway.

Muzzammil 28 Jun 2013

They call this process affidavit and it takes a long time to process that over here; heard if you are changing name to a name of someone you ought to put it in newspaper whatever the process can even take a decade seriously this is the fastest way the mauritian system goes