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If we celebrated Halloween in Mauritius, what would you dress up as?

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gices 31 Oct 2013

In many countries around the world, October 31 is the day of Halloween. Though we do not celebrate this in Mauritius, I'm sure you must have heard of these 4 things which are associated with this festival:

  1. pumpkin carving
  2. trick or treat
  3. sweets for the kids
  4. dressing up (costumes & makeup)

So just for fun, if we were preparing for Halloween celebrations today, what would you dress up as? What costume will you choose?


faliha 29 Jan 2014

I wonder why we don't celebrate Halloween in Mauritius!

gices 29 Jan 2014

It's probably because it doesn't fit with our culture.

shabreenchady 19 Nov 2013

Captain Jack sparrow

sphinx 03 Nov 2013

Frankenstein with stitches on the face and an exposed brain!

Peaches 01 Nov 2013

There were a few places here in Mauritius that celebrated Halloween with a party, mostly expats though. I personally think I'm too old to dress up but I would have done a dramatic make up look like a burns victim or something gruesome, I think Halloween is a good idea for kids to get creative and dress up how they like

gices 02 Nov 2013

Some pre-primary schools had a halloween theme too and the kids used cardboard to cut and draw pumpkins as well as make witches face to hang on the wall. They must have had a lot of fun crafting these things...