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How would terrorist attacks in Mauritius affect life in the so called paradise island?

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gices 22 Jan 2016

The Prime Minister's Office in Port Louis received an email yesterday (21 Jan 2016) regarding threats of terrorist attacks.

Terrorism is all about instilling fear but if that was to come true, how do you think that would affect life for us Mauritians?


RoseOfUniverse 24 Jan 2016

The economy will be affected = We depend a lot on tourism, such thing would prevent tourists from coming, increase in poverty = more crime
hmm...possibility of racial wars = imagine the injustice that will happen to innocent muslims..people will be more hostile toward them
Our education also, kids wouldnt want to go to school( I have a sister who return home early the other day and didnt go to tuition!) even parents would be concerned about this
If the culprit(terrorists) happened to be mauritian, imagine the hostility we would face from other country everytime we travelled

BadFundodo 24 Jan 2016

@NUN Sak
-wow...we depends? with an S.
-tourist lacks an S
-racial/ communal tension/ social unrest leading to violence.. better than racial wars..:P
-Innocent muslims...hostility.... Islamophobia you mean?..btw you are being stereotypical for associating muslims with terrorism.

(I've absorbed from the radio that those who wrote the letter were hindus..Not muslim).

Your written english is very flawed for a supposedly clever girl. haha

Also, Gices blocked me from the chat section because you and your friend were a little bit too flirty with me. ( dirty videos you sent..etc ). lol

Peace out NUN!!

RoseOfUniverse 24 Jan 2016

Sorry but none of us have been blocked :), knowing gices for months..he is very fair-minded, I also can't access the chatroom, should he think I deserved such thing then thats good ( I am the same as you and I have got no special privilege, do you want some proof..I even took a screenshot for you) and thank you for pointing out my grammar mistakes, I appreciate it + I am not blaming muslims of anything..sorry if it has been wrongly misinterpret like this but people wrongly associate muslims with I was imagining how many of our brothers and sisters will be treated if such thing were to happened..I have also heard that a hindu did that ( What if I told you I am a muslim (but I am not), I have got no religion, we are all ONE here, neither me nor gices appreciate racists comment, Clever Dodo is for Mauritian!, we are a nice community and we will try to make it so, actually all mauritian should try to do so), + Gices would not blocked you for such trivial thing as being "flirty"(he already warn you about it,why would he block you) ,You want to be a member of the chatroom then contribute more to our community. Actually Gices thought that the 1 year that the chatroom was open, we haven't been able to reach(help) lot of people and have been neglecting the QA sections + I don't considered myself as a clever girl, I just know I am intelligent as any other human being
Thank you Very much for your opinion, I appreciate it :)

BadFundodo 24 Jan 2016

Oh well, maybe I was wrong about Gices...Oh Kool so you believe in le Mauritianism. Good 4 u ;)
You said you had a high IQ. Oo

RoseOfUniverse 24 Jan 2016

I said I have an above-average IQ( It means that I am okay with maths!) and many among us have an above-average IQ :P, It doesn't mean that I am good at vocabulary( I am still improving myself on it anyway) , Someone may not be educated yet still be very impressive and clever (Just many successful businessmen)