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If you had the power, what would you do to make Mauritius a better place?

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Khush_Mendossa gices
Nerdy_Shika 04 Mar 2013


gices 04 Mar 2013

Mauritius needs to prepare itself for a radical change:

  1. Eliminate corruption so that the society is fair for each and everyone of us, not just for the rich who have the money to bribe and get away with their crimes.
  2. Make the municipalities more responsible towards their residents (more organised rubbish collection, proper water management so that draught seasons are more bearable, better road infrastructure etc)
  3. Enforce the Highway Code for drivers to realise it exists for a reason and use the money from the fines to fund other projects.
  4. Fire all the government workers who think they can get away doing the minimum they can and still expect a full salary with benefits at the end of the month.
  5. Raise awareness of the police uniform so that policeman try harder to help citizens rather than use their power (or lack of) irresponsibly.
  6. Re-evaluate courses offered in Mauritius to ensure you get a job after completing the course.
  7. To fill in job vacancies on merit as opposed to who you know.
  8. Enforce health & safety regulations across public and private places (supermarkets, hospitals, shops, banks, government branches etc).
  9. To narrow the gap between rich and poor, probably by introducing higher tax rates for the wealthy ones.
  10. To make things more affordable for Mauritians, whether to buy land or construction materials or basic things they need in their day to day life.

Those are 10 things that came to mind instantly. I haven't thought how they would be achieved really but those are the things which need to be improved. Maybe we can add another one to raise awareness of courtesy in the country...

Khush_Mendossa 10 Mar 2013

Eliminate non-veganism.

gices 10 Mar 2013

What happened to the khush who used to give good answers? There seems to be an impersonation of him who is self obsessed with veganism these days...