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Work abroad with a engineering degree

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im nearly graduating,i need some advice on whats the best method to get a job abroad,can i get one if i do my masters abroad in countries like canada,australia or france?

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gices Level 6

I think the best route would be to enrol yourself on a course, like a masters degree, in your situation. Many countries will allow you to work for at least 1 year after completing your studies and if you can show you're a very hard-working person, then maybe the company which employs you will try to get your work visa sorted.

You also need to check whether the degree you currently have is equivalent to the same degree in the country you're looking to go to. Sometimes you may need to do an additional course to bring it up to that level. My brother had a BEng Civil Engineering from the University of Mauritius but that was not fully recognised in the UK, so he had to do another exam I think.

You really need to be abroad (UK, Canada, Australia, France etc) to look for work. This way you can go to interviews and show potential employers how determined you are.

It's not easy but if you put your head to it, you will be able to do it.

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