Is it easy for a Mauritian to go and work in Australia?

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I'm thinking about going to Australia for work experience. Does anybody know if that's a difficult process? Most of the jobs that are advertised on Australian sites like require that you have a work permit before you can apply. So without a work-based visa, it's proving difficult.

Does anyone have any tips?


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SylvainMichel Level 1

There are couples of job seeking website you can use but there is not assurance that you can manage to secure a job here. The most important thing that most employer will pay into serious consideration is your visa status. The vast majority of companies would not be interested to deal with immigration matters which makes will make it a bit difficult for you. This is because, they will have to explain why they are preferring to select candidates from overseas. Then, employers will also have to show that an attempt to seek for any prospect by advertising through the local newspaper and no positive outcomes. Your best bet is to apply for permanent visa under skilled migration category and come down under once you have everything sorted.

kishandumur Level 1

hi micheal.I am a graduate in hotel managemnt from australia and return back to mru and i have two years experience in hotel and had five years work experience in hospitality in perth . Do u think i will get immigration to new zealand.

Also is ther any pr for hospitality in new zealand.


michelzephir Level 1

Hi Kishan,

How is it going? This is written in response to your message above regarding an opportunity to work in New Zealand. You're a qualified and highly skilled person and you might have a fair chance to get all your permanent residence sorted but one thing that could be an issue is the age factor which is counted toward the points rating system. Your qualification and work experiences from Australia are definitely going to help and I would suggest you to try launching an online application from abroad (Mauritius).

I wish you all the best of luck and if you require any information, feel free to send me a post.


michelzephir Level 1

Hi Madeleine,

Further to your post, I would like to quote that the vast majority of job posted on Seek, gumtree and so on are for local people and those who are entitled to work in Australia. Some special category visa like the working holiday visa is mostly eligible for people coming from Europe and this visa is restricted to European people under 30 years of age.

You're a gorgeous women and maybe you might take the risk to move down under and get married with an Australian. short-cut way if you're lucky. Air Mauritius have direct flight to Perth at an affordable price and therefore you could try to get a three months visitor's visa from Pretoria.

Life is about taking chances and you might have to think about that. I've seen few mauritian couples with Australian guys.

If you want to chat about exploring different options, you can add me on facebook. My FB account is Sylvain Michel Zephir. I am from Barkly, Beau-Bassin.

I'm looking forward to receiving a feedback from you soon. Sorry for being late to response. Quite busy here Madeleine.


michelzephir Level 1

Working in Australia without a work permit or having a student visa is not possible. If a visitor is caught for working illegally, he or she will be deported immediately and may also face severe consequences. Student is restricted to undertake full time employment.

If one is lucky to get sponsor based on skills and then submit an application for work visa. As far as I am concerned, it's difficult to get enough points to qualify under skills migrate category assessment.

If you require more advice regarding immigration matter, feel free to get in touch with me via email.

I am a New Zealand / Mauritius citizen

gices Level 6

Are there many Mauritians in New Zealand?

michelzephir Level 1

Could be around twenty or less. I'm not really sure about his this to be honest Gires. In fact, your best bet could be - trying to migrate in New Zealand and then bridge over to Aussi. NZ citizen are well respected by Australian and there was a treated signed allowing us to live and work indefinitely there.

Are you looking forward to migrate in Australia or NZ?

gices Level 6

So is it easier to get into New Zealand than in Australia? I've always wanted to live in Australia for a while to see if it's really that good as people make it. NZ is pretty much like the UK, cold and dull weather, right?

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michelzephir Level 1

Pretty much! Australian employers prefer to recruit NZ in the first place because of work experiences, language, we share common values and interest. On the contrary, lot of Australians makes NZ their home because it's such a nice place to live and raise a family.
Of course, someone can earn more money in Australia and the jobs market are wide opened but can be very stressful. Regarding the weather, it's a bit like Melbourne during summertimes and winter is not that cold especially if you want to stay in Auckland region.

I was recently in Melbourne for about seven months and it was awesome. Different kind of life experience.

gices Level 6

Thanks for the info, much appreciated :)

Peaches Level 3
Work experience counts a lot and like the other poster said the best way is for a company to provide you with a work permit, they can then renew (hopefully) when it expires. Its also easier that way if you have dependents coming with you
Khush_Mendossa Level 3
Without work permit you can't do anything for sure.

Have you got work experience? Then, I would suggest you to go to a counselor. There are many in Mauritius. They will take care of everything for you. If you follow procedures of the embassy it can take you much time if you don't a person know what I mean. You should beware of some counselors, they are fraudulent.

My cousin works and stays there. She has working experience of Singapore first so it was no difficulty for her.

What domain does your work fall into? There's a high demand for manual labour there. Dentistry also is proving to be cost-effective.

If you have got degree/certificates from the European countries then it should be no difficulty in getting the visa.
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