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If you're thinking of coming to work in Mauritius as a non-citizen of the country, then you will need to have your prospective employer apply for a work permit on your behalf before you make your travel arrangements. This will give you the visa to enter Mauritius as well as permission to work here.

Under the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, the employment division has the job of sorting out work permits for expatriates within 30 days once the necessary arrangements have been made by the employer. It also ensures that the work of expats is in line with current policies and regulations regarding the Non Citizens’ (Employment Restriction) Act 1973. Application forms can be picked up at the employment division office at 10th floor, Sterling House, Lislet Geoffroy Street Port Louis (213-2370-75) or downloaded from the government of Mauritius website here.

The employer of the company situated in Mauritius (foreign companies cannot apply for the permits unless they have a registered branch in Mauritius nor can recruitment agencies) must apply for the work permit on behalf of the expatriate. If the company is recruiting foreign personnel for the first time, permission must be obtained from the ministry to do so beforehand. Expats married to Mauritians do not require a work permit to work in Mauritius nor do musicians, models and those involved in gigs if they are staying for a maximum of 90 days on the island.

It is also advised to apply for a residence permit simultaneously when going for a work permit, now commonly called an Occupational Permit (both forms can be obtained at the same office). Documents needed for the application include the first page of the passport and all relevant movement pages, 4 passport sized photos, certified copies of academic, professional and work experience written in English or French, the job profile, health certificate and evidence from the employer that the expatriate will have a salary of more than Rs45,000/month and in addition, the employer must prove that the post has been advertised in the newspaper (with number of people required for the job specified) plus show a fire and health clearance of dormitories for group permits (as well as provide the dormitories free of charge to the employees with gas, electricity and water). A fee of Rs500 must be paid by the employer per applicant as well as the work permit fees (different for different posts) and statutory fees (different for different countries) once the permit is approved within a period of 2 months. For renewal of a permit, 2 passport size photographs, evidence of a salary of more than Rs45,000 and indication of post advertisement are needed.

The age range for job application is between 20-60 years (though exceptions can be made for those aged above 60 based on certain expertise) and must have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience for the job. Permits are granted for a period of 4 years though they may be renewed after the said period if the services of the employees are still needed and after swearing an affidavit that they will not apply for Mauritian citizenship. The employer must also offer an air ticket to the employee once the contract is over or for any other cause. Once approved, the expatriated should be treated as any other employee of the company and in case of rejection, only one appeal can be made to the ministry.

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Hi guys,i want to come live and work in Mauritius but i dont know how to go about it to obtain working permit to live and work there
can someone give me guidelines on how to go go about it...Thanks

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hi guys..i am in mauritius one of hotel owner saying that he will apply workpermit for me..hw much salry he has to me plzzzzzzz

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I am waiting for my work permit to be processed in Mauritius for over two months now. Is there any one with similar experience who could give me some advices?
Thank you,
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I thought the minimum required expat salary is Rs45.000p/m and not Rs30.000 p/m
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That's right, the article has now been updated. Thanks for pointing this out.

And welcome to Clever Dodo @samzozo :)
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